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Fun Activities To Do After Getting High 


You have planned to get high is a pretty good thing, but doing nothing in that euphoric state is entirely unacceptable. Moreover, at times being high and stewing on your psychedelic juices isn’t tall enough. Therefore, being high when you are in your best state doing something with your heightened senses is a mind-blowing idea. It is a fact that taking cannabis can open up your mind and make you more receptive, then why miss this opportunity? Do something interesting that you hardly get to perceive when you are mindful. Below are a few fun things you may choose to do while high.  

Dance to the Beat  

While you are high, perhaps the most fun thing to do is to dance to the beats. You must have had inhibitions while mindful and never thought of dancing; however, being high is the right opportunity to use it through dance. There is no doubt that dance is an expression that you never could do; however, hitting the dance floor high will give you a different experience. In addition, you can try delta 8 vape juice products, a hybrid of Northern and Afghani light, which can give you a euphoric feeling that is perfect for dancing. 

Do the Hula Hoop 

To do the perfect art, you will just have to let go of your control. Being very conscious makes it difficult for an individual to lose control, and doing the hula hoop is all about it. You may not even think of doing the hula hoop; however, doing that once you are high can provide you with a very satisfying feeling. You can choose to wave your hoop in whichever way you feel; all you do is just keep spinning.  

Spend Some Time with Nature 

As you can feel things more intently once you are high, it would be wise to spend some time with nature. This is also a way to give yourself a space far from the madding crowd and establish a relationship with nature. In this world of surging rate race, you hardly could manage some time for yourself; thus, setting out for a walk being high is an opportunity you must never let go of. You might find it hard to motivate yourself initially, but if you start noticing the minute details of nature, you will feel peace within yourself.  

Play with Colors  

Being high is a way to lose control of your inner self, which gives birth to the most honest of art. Thus, you can choose to sit with paints and brushes and play with colors. You do not need to be a Picasso or a Pollock; just let yourself go over the canvas. However, you need to know that this is also a way to channel your frustration and stress, so grab a few paintbrushes and create a colorful testimony. 

Take a Tour of an Art Museum 

You must have thought of stopping by an art museum many times, but it never happened. However, now as you are high, you can take a tour to the nearest art museum. You will get a lot of new perspectives while delving into aesthetics. If you happen to be an art enthusiast, this is an opportunity that you must never miss.  

Listen to Good Music 

It would be best to switch to some instrument and plug your earphones. Allow the blissful union of melodies to fill your headspace; you must know listening to music in a Europhobic state is perhaps the best. You will find a new taste in that same old music; you can also try genres you usually don’t relate to; who knows, you might appreciate it.  


Delve into Mediation  

Meditating while sober can be a real mundane job; however, it can give many colorful visions when you are high. It would be best if you certainly emptied your mind, but you can be composed and dedicate yourself to a single thought. You may also sit up straight and relax and probe into serenity.  

Play Video Games 

If ever willing suspension of disbelief kept a sense relating to reality, it would be the act of playing video games. Even when you are sober, video games can make you completely oblivious to reality; thus, imagine your experience while you are high! The colorful visuals will give you an experience like never before.  

Write Something  

If you are an individual who is into writing, you can put yourself to the test and see what you put on paper. To write while you are high is not something of a thought that usually occurs; however, there are many things to see. There is a saying that from wine comes the truth; thus, writing something while you are high can put down all your honest emotions.  

Squid Game parody

If you’re tired of watching the same old game shows over again, you might want to check out the Squid Game parody on Pinay Flix. Based on the popular South Korean game show, Za Gaman, the Pinay version features a cast of indebted individuals fumbling around, trying to win different awards. It’s a unique spin on the show’s formula, showcasing three types of characters – the squids, the people who work at the squids, and the fish.


So, these are a few things that you can do after getting high. Besides these, listening to podcasts, planting trees, seeing movies, playing with pets, kayaking and biking are suitable activities. Remember that it is fine to get high on marijuana at times and do wild things; however, you must remember never to be out of line. 

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