How To Develop a Job Portal App Like Apna?

Job Portal App

There are millions of college graduates each year who don’t get selected for campus placements, and now they’re out there looking for jobs.There are aspirants who prefer traditional walk-ins, and there are those who prefer online search options. As we all know, walk-ins can be a real headache with issues like miscommunication, scheduling issues, and becoming quite physically exhausting. It is a great thing to see an online job portal app being successful in making the irksome recruitment process of both employers and employees more straightforward. In this world of digital technology, the search for jobs has become easier. The employers, on the other hand, don’t wish to meet every single candidate in person, and the candidates do not wish to visit every company with their CV.

You can apply for a job online and never have to worry about the hassle of a walk-in interview, as it is always easier than applying in person, as you are just a click away from an offer letter. It is a great thing to see online job portal apps being successful in making the irksome recruitment process of both employers and employees more straightforward. Additionally, the recruiting company and job seekers both benefited from this digital technology.It is quicker and easier to search for jobs online rather than traveling from one place to another or reading newspapers every day. Today, there are a number of job websites and apps which make finding and getting a job much easier than in the past.

Introducing Apna: a Famous Job Portal App

In the market, job portal apps have done well. In 2019, Apna was introduced as one of them. Applicants and candidates can search for jobs with this job search application. Moreover, it is particularly helpful for persons who do not speak English. Applicants only need to enter their name, age, and skills to generate their virtual business cards, which are then transmitted to employers in big cities. A number of companies have hired workers from this app, including Amazon, BigBasket, and HDFC Bank. It is therefore the main objective of the company to give low-wage workers jobs. MarketBusinessTimes

A Business Model for On-Demand Apps Such as Apna

The Apna app was founded by Nirmit Parikh in 2019. According to their website, more than 1.2 million people visit their platform. Those looking for jobs in blue-collar and grey jobs can find jobs through this platform. As part of this company’s vertical network, skilled people like carpenters, painters, and field sales agents work in the field together. Apna founder believes that it is his purpose to connect people by providing them with opportunities. According to him, we want to offer our workers a chance to get great jobs in the market, since they are the backbone of the major economy.

Features of a Job Portal App Like Apna

Features of a Job Portal App Like Apna

Employer’s Features

  • Posting a job
  • Login/Signup
  • Job invitation
  • Job update
  • Shortlisting of candidates
  • Emailing notifications
  • Download resumes
  • Manage payments
  • Resume search

The Features of Job Seeker

  • Creating a profile
  • Log In/ Sign up
  • Resume writing
  • Send resume
  • Upload resume
  • Job alert services
  • New job search
  • Profile view alert
  • Job application
  • Share
  • Job bookmarks

Features of the Admin Interface

  • Candidate and employer profiles
  • Job Ad management
  • Data publish based on trends
  • Payment management
  • Job seekers and employer statistics
  • Content management system
  • Reports manager

Few Advanced Features

  • Document scanner
  • Robust backend solution
  • In-app chat and calls
  • Video calls interview
  • CRM integration
  • Better analytics
  • Payment integration

What Are the Steps to Creating Your Own Job Portal App Like Apna?

In order to create a job portal app, there are four main steps;

  • You need to find your niche
  • You must wisely choose the job portal app development source and software
  • Keep track of the market trends
  • Develop an effective marketing strategy

Let’s talk about each step one by one!

Creating a job portal app: 4 steps

Follow these steps if you want a competitive website but don’t know how to begin:

1. Find your niche

Job portal apps go with what they’re familiar with or where they have some experience and tend to focus on niches they know and have experience in.

Furthermore, it has been discovered that the job portal app targeted at specific industries, like hotels, casinos, etc. has been successful. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a particular niche. Nevertheless, how will you proceed if you do not know your niche and you are extremely likely to fail in the general niche due to the massive competition coming from giants like LinkedIn, Indeed, and the like?

2. Wisely choose the job portal app development source and software

Invest in job portal development services. It is complex and requires a great deal of functionality when developing a Job Portal App. A team of job portal app developers who are capable of handling this complexity is a necessity.

An experienced custom web development company will be able to explain how you can develop a powerful and user-friendly application. Your software platform should be chosen after you have chosen a niche. Open-source software like WordPress, Joomla, or Magento can be used as well as SAAS (software as a service).

3. Keep a track of the market trends

Getting updated with the latest trends and market demands is important, no matter what niche you follow to gain profit.

Several years ago, working remotely was extremely popular with young, tech-savvy professionals. As a result, ‘We Work Remotely’ has decided to list jobs related to this niche. Within months, this job portal became the leading one.

So you should target specific niches, but be prepared for opportunities that may arise. There are also many tools online that can help you analyze these kinds of new trends. Some of these include Google Trends, Google Planner, etc.

4. Develop an effective marketing strategy

A job portal can be launched relatively easily; the real challenge is figuring out how you have been marketing it.

As a starting point for creating your marketing strategy, here are a few steps that you can take:


To gain attention and attract candidates of high quality, you need a good SEO ranking for your website. Organic search engine optimization may take time to bear fruit, but over time results are certainly fruitful.

Google AdWords:

Using this method, you can attract the target audience in a cost-effective manner. This is a good option if you want quick results.

Social Media:

In fact, social media is probably the best and most organic way to connect with potential candidates, as those people are typically active on social media platforms. Furthermore, if you create good content, it will be shared, which will boost your reach.


The most popular reason for content marketing’s popularity is that it’s free. Hence, you should hire a professional blogger to post a bunch of blogs to create a presence for your job portal online.

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