Technology Enhances Wine, Spirits and Beer Labels

What is the purpose of the wine label? Or a spirit and beer label? Obviously, the first answer to this question is to follow the rules of the TTB (Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco Taxation and Trade). Once this is done, the remaining space on the label can be made into a copy of the trademark and sale. Practice has shown that there is very little space for the label to create information and art. This technology now helps to address the limited space in brands with Radio Frequency Identification / ID (RFID) technology. Click on the NFC (Near Field Communication) icon inserted in the bottle packed with the smartphone to see what appears on your smartphone. As long as there is a label on the label.

According to the wine company’s budget and the number of smartphones loaded with RFID tag readers (new smartphones with built-in readers), wine, beer and spirit producers can make direct contact with consumers in front of bottles or boxes. These electronic signs can convey information in any form. The information can be audio, message or automatic opening of the website. The choice depends on the brewery or the handicraft company. The most economical option is to use a NFC label with a label or a soft film attached to the bottle.

This NFC technology has various names such as smart tag, tag and OpenSense tag. The nickname I use is “click tags”. Smart signage (from the consumer goods industry) is slowly emerging in food, personal care and pharmacy. Although very restricted, spirits, beer and wine have recently been added. In fact, companies that use smart labels not only play a great role in the food and personal care industry, but are also used by small businesses. Basically, labels are a way to give manufacturers more information than to print labels. However, the benefits of such labels not only provide additional information, but also benefit brands, brands, and sales growth.

The QR code has been around for decades. You can do other tasks that can be done with the NFC tag but are limited. Details about QR and NFC code are as follows.

Twenty years ago I met a gentleman with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification / Identity) experience who knew casino labeling technology. Its patented technology is used today to authenticate and track the chips inside casinos. Ken Smith wrote to on November 5, 2012, informing consumers that the Wynn / Encore casino in Las Vegas had started using RFID-labeled chips for consumers just before the product was purchased in 2005.

Decades ago, barcodes began giving businesses the ability to track inventory, monitor parts, and quickly adjust prices. Then came the RFID logo, which continuously expanded the opportunity for product monitoring. Read and write information on RFID tags. Based on the functionality of the RFID tag, information can be read not only in tags, but also in tags. Add more / different / updated information to the tag. Let’s not forget the QR (Quick Reaction Code), many smartphones are read on the screen through feedback and reading through the preview page link. The QR code, created in 1994, has the same code system. Today, smartphones are equipped with QR learning capabilities and more recently communication horns and NFC tags.

From the RFID technology used immediately by the NFC tag. A strong supporter of NFC technology comes from the Grocery Manufacturers Association and the Food Store – SmartLabel Group ™. They formed a trade union called the trade union and found ways to expose consumers to quick, reliable, efficient and detailed product information. One of their applications is the NFC logo, which guides consumers to the expectation of navigating with their smartphone. Consumers only need to click the NFC icon on the product pack with the smartphone.

As mentioned above, most product packages have a limited number of details. Printed wine brand retail space may not be enough to provide many of the information options that different buyers like or need.

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