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Ultimate Guide to Buy Zorb Balls

Zorb Balls

Outdoor games have great importance. We all need some activity that is both fun-filled and adventurous at the same time. One thing that makes outdoor activities even more interesting is the amazing challenge that it puts forward. So, are there challenging outdoor activities and sports available? You will learn about a very interesting sport that is special and amazing, zorbing with the Zorb ball. Whether you want to float on water, compete against yourself or with friends on an assault course, or want to roll downhill, it is hard not to enjoy zorbing immensely. Thus, if you want to get the zorbing ball for personal entertainment, there is no better place than Kameymall, which offers the best quality zorbing balls at very reasonable prices. This article is an ultimate buying guide for zorbing balls. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Zorbing Balls

A Zorbing ball is a large plastic ball. It is inserted, which is very flexible and large so that someone can stand in it. You can use this ball on the grass, ice, and water. You can utilize a similar type of ball on the regular mainland for the number of balls like high quality and hard plastic. However, two zorbing balls are available at Kameymall: inflatable and regular Zorb balls. In addition, inflatable balls are perfect for adults, and a regular one can be a fun activity for kids. Thus the price tag of a ball varies depending on the type and size of the ball. Apart from the price, there are some important things that you need to consider when making a buying decision. 

1.Choose According To Your Height

Height plays a major role in influencing how you use your zorbing ball. If you can adjust your ball, consider adjusting it according to your height. You want enough space in it to sit and roll well. Many firms provide customized zorbing balls according to the customers’ requirements for a little additional cost.

2.Buy According To Your Needs

Indeed, there is no specific age limit to zorbing; hence, it has become a welcoming sport every day. Each zorbing ball has a specific approach that allows you to experience a different fun vibe. For instance, the extra-large zorbing balls are best suited for water activities and float and bounce carelessly. On the other hand, the smaller Zorb ball is recommended if you are playing games with other riders and players. However, you should always choose the size according to your height, age and weight. When you buy the perfect size zorbing ball, you can easily roll, run, and float comfortably. 

3.Size Dimension

Usually, the zorbing ball you buy from the Kameymall is about 3 to 3.5 meters and is 10 feet in diameter. Thus the inner side of a single ball is about 2 meters or 6 to 7 feet in diameter. They are made from 0.8-millimetre thick plastic. So, if you want to buy a piece for your teens or for indoor use, this might be a good choice. However, another common zorbing ball is1 meter which is perfect for riders. In addition, the interior dimensions are almost 1.8 meters and run smoothly for the rider, with a height of 5.9 inches to 6 inches. Hence, it is the best option for you if you are a solitary person and want to buy a Zorb ball to use your personal time.

4.High Quality

Suppose you bought a zorbing ball of the highest quality to ensure the ride’s safety and maximum safety. The best suggestion here is to go to the celebrities as they are bound by the good and serve all their customers with the best quality products. Are you wondering where to get the right type? No need to worry. It is a very simple process. You need to access any search engine like Google and spend some time searching for the title. You will find various brands, visit their official sites and read the customer reviews. Reading customer reviews is one of the best ways to control any type. You can also go with the Kameymall to get high-quality zorbing balls at a nominal price.

5.Choose The Material Cleverly

In general, two major materials are used in zorbing balls, PVC and TPU. Keep in mind that PVC cab hardens under low temperatures compared to TPU, which is much more environmentally friendly. In addition to being lighter, TPU is odorless and can easily be recycled. Kameymall is the best place to buy the perfect zorbing ball. Depending on your budget and desire for durability, a ball made from PVC material may be more appropriate than a TPU ball. They are perfect for hot summers as well as for cool winters. TPU material is odorless and will not harden under low temperatures. 


It is undeniable that zorbing is an amazing way to have some fun only because of the magic of the Zorb ball. They come in a lot of variety, depending upon which surface you want to zorb on. Get these balls at your pace from Kameymall, as they are very easy to access.

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