5 Benefits of Total Disc Replacement Surgery

Disc Replacement Surgery

Total disc replacement surgery is a procedure that replaces the lower back and the neck discs to relieve pain. A lumbar total disc replacement is a good option for people who suffer from chronic lower back pain or neck pain which are not responding to other treatments. It is also used in young people when recommended for arthritis from an injury at a younger age. This procedure can also offer a solution for neck or back problems from degenerative disc disease.

5 Benefits of Total Disc Replacement Surgery:

Pain relief

It is one of the primary reasons for lumbar total disc replacement surgery. Back pain and neck pain can be debilitating, so if patients feel that their back or neck pain has become a disability, they may benefit from this procedure. Patients have complete resolution of their symptoms right after surgery. Furthermore, total disc replacement surgery brings relief to patients by improving leg pain due to back problems. This procedure also provides pain relief in the neck and arms when both discs are replaced at once.

Stable spine

When the spine is unstable because of disc degeneration, it can sometimes cause leg pain, muscle spasms and numbness. This type of surgery can help eliminate these problems. Back or neck pain becomes a disability because it starts to limit one’s activity level. If you can’t bend over, stand up, sit down, play with your child, take care of household chores, etc., you cannot live life normally. After this surgery, the patient’s spine is stabilised, and he/she can return to normal life activities.

No more medication

Spinal surgery is a very invasive procedure that requires a long recovery process and requires extensive pain management protocols. In addition, patients have to take a lot of medication during the postoperative period to manage their pain since they can’t take medications before surgery. With this new procedure, you can avoid all the ‘helpful’ medication and pain management protocols that go along with it.

Surgery is possible for younger patients

Back and neck problems in younger patients may become a disability. Still, before having complete spinal reconstruction surgery, they are often recommended to try conservative treatment options for a couple of months. If this is not effective, then surgery can be recommended. The problem with this timeline in younger patients is that the spine may become significantly more degenerated by the time they get to surgery. Therefore, many surgeons recommend Total disc replacement surgery in young patients when they experience a significant injury like one from a car accident or a fall from heights.

No fusion

Fusion is a popular treatment option for young and middle-aged patients because it stabilises the spine and offers pain relief, but it comes with long-lasting side effects. Total disc replacement does not require any bone grafting or spinal instrumentation, so there is no chance of having adjacent segment arthritis ( in which one or both of the adjacent discs degenerate because of the fusion).

Total disc replacement is a good alternative when the patient suffers from chronic back or neck pain which has actually not responded to other treatments. The procedure stabilises the spine and eliminates the need for spinal fusion with its long-lasting side effects. This procedure offers a solution to those who have been suffering from chronic lower back or neck pain that has become disabling and younger patients with severe injuries. It provides great relief from pain and increases the quality of life!

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