5 Facts to know about Mohanlal’s ‘Barroz’

  1. The grand puja ceremony that launched Mohanlal’s directorial debut, ‘Barroz,’ took place on Wednesday. At Navodaya Studio, Kochi, where the muhurat ceremony took place, the who’s who of M-Town showed up and it was a celebration. Since the film is in 3D, the majority of the filming will take place in a studio, and the team is aiming to begin production by March 31.
  • ‘Thiranottam’, Mohanlal’s first film, was released in 1978. Mohanlal’s career spans over 43 years, and he’s wowed moviegoers with his unmatched persona and acting prowess in roles ranging from a farmer to a freedom fighter. Many moviegoers are intrigued by the two-time National Award-winning actor, and ‘Barroz’ marks his directorial debut. Now that the on-screen magician has decided to go behind the camera, it’s safe to say that Mohanlal will be an excellent addition to his filmmaking career. In addition, Mohanlal plays the film’s titular character.
  • Jijo Punnoose is one of India’s most gifted filmmakers and technicians in recent memory. He’s a filmmaker who had the guts and intelligence to make “My Dear Kuttichathan,” India’s first 3D film. According to Malayalamadda.com, Jijo’s technical prowess is incomparable, and his input could aid the team in creating a monumental film. ‘Barroz – Guardian of D’Gama’s Treasure,’ by Jijo Punnoose, is also an inspiration for the film. As a result, you’re getting twice the fun!
  • ‘Barroz’ has been described by Mohanlal as a film with a heart. The superstar predicted that the film would have a lasting impact on its audience and leave them with feelings that would linger long after they had left the theatres. ‘Barroz’ is also a 3D production. The team has recently erected a set for the lion’s segment of the shoot. The film relies heavily on visual effects. The film has a lot going for it, and it has the potential to offer something new to those who see it.
  • In fact, Mohanlal is surrounded by a technologically brilliant group of people. Santosh Sivan, an award-winning cinematographer, will be in charge of the visuals, so expect stunning imagery. Sreekar Prasad, a multi-award-winning editor, has also joined the group. Art director Santhosh Raman has also been a part of the team. Lydian Nadhaswaram, a musical prodigy, is in charge of the school’s music programme. To top it all off, there’s nothing better than a grand design.
  • Mohanlal has been working on this project for the last two years, and he has a solid plan for how the project will proceed. Barroz will be played by none other than Mohanlal. Shayla McCaffrey, an American-born child actor, is set to star as the film’s lead character. Paz Vega and Rafael Amargo are among the cast members from Spain. In some of the roles, Prithviraj Sukumaran and Pratap Pothen will appear. In addition, Mohanlal has revealed that a slew of actors from Spain and Portugal will be joining him in the future.

The transformation of legendary actor Mohanlal into a filmmaker after a career spanning 41 years in show business is one of the most anticipated moments in Malayalam cinema history. Being a multi-lingual celeb, actor Mohanlal’s directorial venture is keenly observed by people in the entertainment industry around the globe.
Finally, the movie’s lead casts have been unveiled by actor Mohanlal, who had previously announced the film’s existence. Paz Vega and Rafael Amargo will play the lead roles in Mohanlal’s film, which has been officially announced.
The movie will have Rafael Amargo playing Vasco da Gama. With movies like ‘Theresa: The Body of Christ,’ ‘The Human Contract,’ ‘Mary of Nazareth’ and certain other to her credit, actor Paz Vega is expected to play a pivotal role in the movie. Barroz’s protagonist will be actor Mohanlal himself.
Mohanlal also clarified that the film is touted to be a fantasy thriller for children. He also gave the impression that filming would begin in Goa shortly after he spoke.
In a statement posted to his Twitter account, actor Mohanlal said, “The first time in my life, I’ll be behind the camera and directing a feature film. ‘Barroz’ is a children’s fantasy film that I wrote and directed.”
Then Vega and Rafael, two of Spain’s best-known and best-loved film stars—”my dear friends, Vega and Rafael are invited to join me in Goa, in making this movie,” he said.
The actor also said that the movie is a story set against the backdrop of the maritime history of Portugal, Spain, Africa, and India. “Barroz is, in fact, a celebration of our shared ancestry. It’s an honour for me to extend this invitation to you, and I hope you’ll join me in making this film something special. Stay tuned, “the actor concluded his statement by saying.

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