5 Ways A Table Runner Can Transform Your Businesses’ Luck at Marketing Events

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Advertising is always a good way to attract potential clients, especially at trade shows and marketing events. But, unless your advertising and marketing tools catch the attention of event attendees, all efforts are fruitless. Companies, especially small-scale firms, have to pass through numerous obstacles when trying to attract potential clients at these events.

Thankfully, there are still some cost-effective marketing tools that companies can rely on to generate brand awareness at these events. A custom-printed table runner is one such tool that’s very popular at trade shows, business conventions, corporate fairs, etc. Marketers even use them in storefronts and shopping malls as they’re very effective marketing tools.

Here are five ways in which using personalized table runners can make a huge difference at marketing events and trade shows:  

1. Psychologically Impact the Event Attendees

Table runners create amazing first impressions of brands and companies at marketing events. These impressions not only attract attention to the booth but also stick in the minds of event attendees. When event attendees see attractive table runners, they become curious about the brand behind the displays.

PS: If your company is the only one that doesn’t have table runners at trade shows, your brand image will suffer. Event attendees may leave with a negative impression of your company.

2. Give Your Booth an Aesthetic Boost 

Smart marketers use table runners with tablecloths to create interesting contrasts and combinations. For instance, bright yellow table runners look great on blue-colored table cloths. In fact, table runners can add color, texture, and style to any tablecloth. The result? Added interest to your booth and your brand at trade shows!

3. Use a Variety of Table Runners to Stand Out

The best modern-day sellers of table runners offer their products in various shapes, colors, sizes, and styles. Plus, unlike large banners or billboard signs, they’re extremely cost-effective. Technically, even a small business can order several table runners and use them in different events.

Trade show teams feel more confident at events as their high-quality table runners enable them to direct the room’s mood. Marketers can place their table runners on all types of tables (not just dining tables). They can place them on coffee tables, side tables, buffets, etc. The diverse and cost-effective nature of these runners makes them perfect for trade shows.

4. Enhance the Appeal of Other Marketing Tools

Custom table runners can make other marketing materials appear more attractive. Marketers can use color customizations to make their brochures, leaflets, and other promotional materials stand out. Pick the right color combinations. Place the promotional materials on the colorful table runners. They will attract every passerby’s eyes!

Any design can be printed on customizable table runners. Expert marketers recommend the use of the “five-second rule” while designing trade show marketing items. It basically means that the core messages on the runners shouldn’t be longer than 15 words.

5. Save Money

Lastly, custom printed table runners are easy to set up, transport, and store. They’re cheap, so marketers can use them to promote specific products or for short-term promotional campaigns. Overall, custom printed table runners are very helpful marketing tools when it comes to generating brand awareness at busy trade shows!

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