7 Reasons why you should switch to eco-friendly cleaning products

eco-friendly cleaning products

‘Go green’ and environment-friendly campaigns are all the rage in today’s times. At the smaller scale and micro level, this can be applied to our homes and household cleaning supplies, and at the larger level (macro-scale) the policies can also be used for the neighborhood and society. Have you ever wondered how many chemicals and pesticides would be used in the smoke spray released by vans in the neighborhood to get rid of the mosquitoes? We all breathe in that air not knowing the chemicals and any long-term effects they may cause. There is a great need to use eco-friendly cleaning products India for better and sustainable health. 

Cleaning and maintaining hygiene are important factors for healthy living at home. However, in our fast-paced lives, not everyone would be able to find the time to keep everything in the house spick and span. We would find ourselves gravitating towards products that promise fast action without considering what the product is actually like. Most of the over-the-counter shelf cleaners are loaded with chemicals and can damage the people in the house and also the environment. 

Many reasons are convincing enough to make a switch to organic cleaner options and herbal products. Here are a few of them:

  1. Safer for pets and children – If you have pets in the house or small children, you will often find yourself worrying about them entering the kitchen cupboards and finding the toxic cleaners and inhaling or ingesting them.  Long-term exposure to these harmful chemically induced cleaning products can be the cause of several health-related conditions or even skin allergies and irritation, especially in kids and pets. Organic cleaners, since they are not loaded with chemicals and are made from plants and other herbal oils, may not be as harmful as the other products. Some exposure, while applying or by accident, therefore, may not be detrimental. 
  2. Cleaner Air – Among the risks involved in using highly chemical cleaning products at home, one of the biggest risks is how the chemicals linger in the air. The smell is pretty overwhelming and can irritate the eyes and nose. Have you ever had to keep a room tightly shut until the smell of your cleaning agent became more diluted? Have you ever had to wear a mask while spraying the repellents to clean your houses? Times have changed and you can now stop these practices. Herbal cleaners are not only less induced with chemicals but they are also naturally fragrant owing to their components.
  3. Does not harm the natural environment – Since these are made from plants, trees, roots, leaves, and flowers, the extracts are environment-friendly. These products are not tested on animals and therefore, no harm is caused to any animal in the making or before selling the product. The harsh chemicals used in the general cleaners can contribute to smog and can also harm the quality of drinking water. The build-up of the residues from these chemicals for a long time can create issues as they can form layers on the plants which can damage their growth. 
  4. Cost-effective – The cleaners we get in stores and supermarkets are often expensive due to the plethora of chemicals and different compositions required to make them. The customers are required to pay more for the brand and the brand name along with the additional cost of packaging, marketing, etc. The quality of the product may not be as well regarded here. Cleaning agents that are eco-friendly and contain natural ingredients that are made out of plants do not cost much. You can also buy them in bulk to save more.
  5. Does not harm personal health – You may have noticed that the cleaning products that are loaded with chemicals might have a very strong and burning aroma. They also leave the air heavy and that often pricks the eyes. Further, many people have reported certain types of rashes on the skin or itching as the chemicals react with the skin. If at all these agents come in direct contact with any cuts, wounds, or injuries, the impact can be even more detrimental. Breathing the chemical-filled air might also result in damage to the lungs. Since the herbal cleaners are more natural, such impacts are largely eliminated with their use.
  6. Efficient and solve the purpose – You might be under the misconception that natural products may not be as effective and you may end up using a lot of the product to no effect. That is not true. Since these products are made after diligent research, they use agents that work exactly well to get rid of the exact issues like mold, rust, dirt, stains, etc. Their performance might also be better than their chemical counterparts. It will also not cause any additional damage to the furniture, tiles, or any other part of the house. 
  7. Better idea of ingredients and chemicals used – Most cleaning products have to soften the blow by not fully mentioning the ingredients and the percentage of toxicity in them. Natural products, sprays, and liquids, however, might be able to spell out every extract used and the percentage in which those oils are present in the product. This also helps to build your confidence in these cleaning agents and the brand. Using the website or reading the label on the package, you will get a clear idea of what you might be coming in contact with.

Once you start using products that are herbal and naturally made, you will see the impact and the difference they make in every aspect of clean living. Not only will they do the job equally well but they are less hard on the pockets and are also safe for personal health and environmental health. Make a change in your homes and eventually contribute to a better environment by using chemical-free cleaning agents for a happy and healthy home. 

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