8 Home Décor Ideas That Fit Any and Every Design Style

Home Décor Ideas

You can combine décor as you see fit in your home to make a space that’s utterly unique to you. Most interior design styles use elements from one another, allowing you to mix and match as you please. However, you might need some inspiration to get started.

These are eight home décor ideas that fit any and every design style out there. If you’re looking for the perfect place to call home, come take a look at these new apartments for rent in Irving. You’ll want to keep reading to learn more, so let’s begin!

1. Natural Plants

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Using natural plants is one of the best ways to add more decorations to your home. The greenery is beautiful, cleans the air, and makes us feel calm. Plus, plants look lovely in any design style and can boost our mood. You can include them everywhere, no matter the color scheme or theme of the room.

You should consider plants essential for any design style. You can choose large, leafy plants that reach the ceiling, hanging plants with dangling tendrils, or even a tiny succulent for a pop of green. Since there’s a large variety of plants and pots to put them in, so you can customize them to your home.

Cacti and succulents will have a different impact on the theme than a tree or flowers will. So, you’ll still want to consider what you add to your space. However, all plants look great in any room, making choosing what you want to display easier.

Overall, plants are one of the most versatile decorations you’ll encounter. They fit any room, no matter what. If you don’t have a green thumb, faux plants also match any design style.

2. Artwork

No matter what design style you’re going for, you’ll want to have some artwork on display. You have endless options, so you can choose sculptures, prints, and paintings that go with your themes. 

You can also choose art from an art gallery, that blends into the themes of your room or stands out; both can look great! It’s a good idea to choose pieces with similar colors to the room, although you don’t have to.

If you love a piece of art, don’t hesitate to show it off in your home. It doesn’t need to match your design style, as art should be a part of every home. Plus, you can always use art to influence your design style and vice versa. 

3. Ceramic Pots

Photo by Yana Hurskaya on Unsplash

Next, ceramic pots look fantastic in any space. You can have small ones on shelves or large ones on the floor. Plain ones tend to fit the most themes, but you can also choose glazed pieces with more of a shine.

Simple designs and colors on your ceramic pots will fit most design themes. The best part is that you can add plants to them and switch them out whenever you want. You can even find pots with a ton of texture, adding more interest to a space.

Overall, you’ll want to consider checking out different types and sizes of ceramic pots. They can look outstanding in any design style, whether you’re going for a Bohemian or modern theme.

4. Wooden Accents

Adding wood to your space as an accent also works wonderfully. It makes your home feel cozier and looks great in any setting. You’ll still want to make sure you choose the same wood type throughout a room for the best results, but you can use it on furniture, walls, and more.

As an accent, you want to add smaller wooden pieces throughout the room for the most impact. For example, wooden picture frames, chairs, or nightstands look great. However, if you have hardwood floors or walls, you can trust that they’ll still match any design theme.

In short, wood is a very natural material, so it tends to blend in with any styles that you might want to use.

5. Wicker Items

Next, you can also use wicker furniture and other items in your home. Like wood, wicker is a natural material, so it tends to match almost everything. You can find wicker chairs, accent pieces, and light fixtures.

Wicker also adds texture to a space and comes in many different colors. Although, you’ll find that natural wicker fits with most room themes.

6. Candles

Candles are very relaxing to look at and match any room theme. You can use plain white candles to match the most consistently. However, plenty of scented and colorful candles look fantastic in any room.

Candles are small accent pieces and act as décor, whether they’re lit or not. If you enjoy decoupage projects, you can make your own unique candles to match the design style of your home.

7. Mirrors

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Mirrors help to open up your space more, making them work with any design theme. You can choose a plain, unframed mirror to match any style since it’ll reflect what’s already around it.

Plus, if you want to match the mirror more with your home, you can always choose a frame that fits. Remember that you can choose between small mirrors and huge floor-to-ceiling ones too. Lastly, mirrors look best with more lighting as they distribute it more around the room, making it appear brighter.

8. Natural Cotton

Cotton is another natural material that you can pair with any design theme that you have. Since it’s also white, it tends to match nearly anything you have. For a clean, natural effect, you can place cotton branches in a vase or on your tables.

Cotton also looks nice when paired with other flowers. You can create stunning bouquets while using this plant as an accent.

Choose Your Favorite Décor

To summarize, plenty of home décor pieces look excellent in any design style. Choosing natural items, like plants, cotton, wood, and wicker, makes matching your themes easier. However, you can also experiment with art, ceramic pots, mirrors, and candles.

Overall, there are tons of options! You’ll want to consider what your favorites are and go from there. You might even be surprised to find out what décor goes well with your current room theme.

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