Common problems of Electronic Air Regulator Valve

Electronic Air Regulator Valve

You must know that electronic air regulator valve equipment is efficient but still, you can face a few problems while using them. The mechanical air regulators were used in the past to manage air pressure in a pneumatic system or cylinders but you must know that the mechanical devices were and still are only effective when the internal pressure of the valve was stable. There are many applications in which the inlet pressure of air is not stable. In situations like these, it is best to use electronically controlled pressure regulator equipment. These can manage air pressure even if the inlet pressure is not stable.

Now, if you are planning on getting the electronic air regulator valve, you must read about the common problems you might face while using the electric air pressure regulator. Let us take a closer look at these problems!

Common problems that one can come across with air regulator valves

We have mentioned the top ones for your knowledge:

Chances of blockage

A very common problem that you can face while using the electronic air regulator valve is that it can get clogged. If you are using the general purpose air regulators then you must know that they can always get blocked because of accumulating particles in the valve. If the air regulator gets clogged it would malfunction and there would always be chances of losses and leakages. In cases like these, you need to get the regulator cleaned. Know that you can also get the filtering digital pressure regulators which have a self-cleaning feature. https://magazineworld.net/

Damaged internal components 

It is true that electronic air regulator valves have solid designs and structures. But you must know that the internal components of the valve can wear off. The elastic rubber sleeves which are responsible for zero loss can wear off if the valve is being used aggressively. You would need to get the sleeves changed if you don’t want to lose air pressure and affect the productivity of the electronic pneumatic regulator.

Incorrect settings on the valve

If you are not much experienced in using the modern electronic air regulator valve tools then there is always a chance of you messing with the settings. This can put a load on the valve and can make it burn out. Electronic devices need to be set accurately for smooth functioning. Any mistake can result in less air or fluids in the valve or completely damage the machine.

Constant power required

Another problem that one can face with the electronic air regulator valve is that they require constant power flow. Without electricity or power backup there is no way you can utilize these regulators. So in case, the power goes out, the regulator would come to a halt. So you would have to get power back up for your electro-pneumatic pressure regulator equipment.

These are some of the common problems you can face with electronic air pressure regulators.

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