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Crazy Store: The Best Shopping Centre in Town

Crazy Store

At The Crazy Store, we’re all about value, variety and giving their CRAZY customers something to quack about. They’ve been around for over 20 years, and have all our ducks in a row. So, they’re confident they know what their customer’s want. They love to surprise and delight their customers with huge range of toys, kitchenware, novelty, confectionery, hardware, homeware, and so much more!

The Crazy Store

You won’t regret going to Crazy Store because you will definitely find something. You will get 5 star customer service at the store. It has 400 stores across the South Africa. You will easily find store at your place.

Visit at the store once to search for the thing you wanted to buy.

Crazy Store

Why People Shop at the Crazy Store

Most of us know at least one person that is crazy about – well, just about everything. What’s not to love? From gorgeous stuffed animals to quirky fridge magnets to a one-of-a-kind knitted scarf, here are some of the favorite crazy things we’ve found in the Crazy Store.

It’s Friday night, you’ve come home and one of those ‘LOL PEE’ posts is just creeping up on your newsfeed. As you scramble to find your phone (the puppy’s nipped off to the loo!), the phone rings. You answer in a voice that probably sounded like death from laughter at your latest Facebook fail. It’s your buddy, or maybe your grandma, or your mom’s best friend, or the barista at your favourite cafe.

They’re all celebrating. The Crazy Store has been invaded.

The Variety at the Crazy Store

Our range has something for everyone – and it’s amazing! From giant bathtubs, fish tanks, beautiful fine china and much, much more. Don’t forget the home trends – everything from home accessories to bar equipment. And if you’re looking to spruce up your home, then we’ve got a perfect range of paints, fabrics, wallpapers, tiles and much more.

Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it – The Crazy Store is the best place to shop for all your needs!

Our Values and Mission

To provide our CRAZY customers with the best value, quality products, on-time delivery, and the widest range of home improvement and pet products in Toowoomba.


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