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Homemate Malta: Your One-Stop Shop for All of Your Home Needs

Homemate Malta

Homemate was established in 1998, being Malta’s largest Home Improvement Centre. At Homemate Malta, one can find a wide range of products that are related to

  • Home improvement
  • Bathroom accessories to Bathrooms
  • Paints to Coving
  • Curtains, Accessories to Textiles
  • Bedding
  • Power tools to Hand tools
  • Household appliances to Dining ware
  • Plastic ware
  • Kitchen and Cleaning
  • Toys to Children’s products and much much more.

Homemate Co. Ltd. is the home improvement centre that offers value for money products. Our aim is to ensure we offer a consistent quality customer service for products that make your house a home.

Homemate Malta

The History of Homemate Malta

Homemate was established in 1998, and it was a dream of Mr. Donata Catania, who was tasked with the achievement of the following

  • Provide a one stop shop for all of the materials a household may need
  • It provide a source of inspiration to help customers to change their décor
  • Provide an alternative to the trendiest stores with products of the best quality.

The Hectare of Land

Mr. Catania also acquired a farm in Sliema, so that he could offer a wholesale supply of materials.

The Hope for the Future

The thought was that he would be able to offer prices in which consumers would find satisfactory for their needs and dreams, while he would provide the best customer service and products that offer value for money.

Why Should I Shop at Homemate Malta?

Professional Dependability: at Homemate, our experts are on hand 24/7 to ensure the customer receives the best advice, which always corresponds with the customer’s budget and desired outcome.

Excellent Customer Service: The Homemate Home Improvement experts are always available to help you when you need it, whether you want an estimate or advice on a specific item, or whether you have a query regarding our product range or store.

Partial Furniture Collection: An ideal alternative for customers who do not need full furniture but simply a single piece or two to complete their living room.

An ideal alternative for customers who do not need full furniture but simply a single piece or two to complete their living room.

How can you save money when shopping at Homemate?

One of the most important aspects that impact the quality of your home is the quality of your furniture and decor. At Homemate, we pride ourselves on making your house a home, by giving you the products you need to do that.

At Homemate we take great pride in offering the best range of quality products at the best prices. We understand that you need to save on cost, which is why we give you quality and value for money products.

Instead of throwing away used furniture, we will recycle them and repair them to make you comfortable. You will also find lots of accessories for your house, such as, curtains, seating and décor. The range of products at Homemate is endless.

What do we offer at Homemate?

We offer you the best range of products, at the best prices.

What are the benefits of shopping at Homemate Malta?

I believe that everyone who is planning on purchasing a home would want to do the best they can to make it as comfortable as possible. When it comes to home decorating, the first thing people usually think about is the furniture and decor.

Homemate has extensive stock of home decor items, ranging from furnishing items, bathroom furniture, and even designer lamps and art work. All of our products are guaranteed to be of good quality, look stylish, and have a strong eye-catching appeal. Our aim is to provide the customers with these home furnishing items at a good value for money.


While choosing the right products for your home, there are some guidelines you should keep in mind. Always check the warranties on the products you are buying and always read the reviews before choosing. You should also always choose a trusted retailer to ensure you get the best products at the lowest price. Remember, quality does not just mean a higher price tag.

Although you should consider these facts to help you pick the best products, we also recommend you to go online and visit our store for more information about the products and how they can make your home a beautiful home.

We promise to provide you with a quick purchase process that gives you the opportunity to compare our products from other stores in your local area or online to ensure you are making the best decision.

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