How Radon is Affecting Homes in Atlanta!


Atlanta is a place where people have developed the awareness that certain factors are affecting their health unknowingly. When we talk about Home Inspections Atlanta Georgia is a place where you can find plenty of options related to this industry but the main point lies in deciding how to choose the right home inspection company and home inspector for yourself so that you can know what exactly is happening and how to tackle any unwelcome situation in your house. When we talk about unwelcome situations, the main thing that needs to be done is to get rid of any potential health issues because structural and safety issues are something that can be removed by spending some money but once we let it get to our health due to some negligence, it cannot be taken back. Let’s see the effects of radon on the health of the human body.

Radon, a health hazard.

One of the top factors that are affecting the health of people badly is radon which is also known as a silent killer due to obvious reasons. It is not like other gases whose presence might be felt like how fire burns and we know that the smoke coming out of it is not good for us. It gives an immediate reaction as well but unlike it, radon is an absolutely inert gas having no color, smell, or taste. We cannot feel its presence around us and might be inhaling it for years so it is better to get the number of radon tests before things get out of hand.                     

How does radon affect the human body?

Radon has a very different way of affecting the human body and this is the reason for it being notorious as a silent killer. Radon effects on a long-term basis as it has a tendency to get entrapped inside the human body. When a human breathes inside the air which has higher amounts of radon than usual, it is getting entrapped inside the fine fibers present inside the lungs of a human body. It takes years for radon to affect the human body but when it does and due to the radiations that are emitted out of it, the structure of the lungs is disrupted and it leads to lung cancer. Only in the United States of America, around 21000 deaths a year are reported due to lung cancer caused by radon as it is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. It is highly important for us to get the higher amounts of radon inspected in order to get rid of any excess quantities.

What is the safe level of radon?

The fact gets alarming if the amount of radon present inside your house gets higher than the amount of radon present outside. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the safe amount of radon is less than 4 pCi/l and any amount more than this is very dangerous for you to breathe in.

How to get rid of higher radon levels?

Higher levels of radon, if found inside your house, should be eradicated as soon as possible by getting professional help. Home inspection companies provide professional services by sending their professional home inspectors to your house and they place their equipment inside the place. There are two different types of radon tests depending upon the conditions that require certain actions.

Types of radon test:

There are two types of radon tests i.e. short-term radon test and long-term radon test.

A short-term radon test usually takes just a few days to measure the levels of radon inside the house.

On the other hand, long-term radon tests take months to complete but the tests are accurate and exactly according to what is needed for the house.

Once this step is completed and the amounts of radon are found to be higher than safe, radon mitigation will be needed.

What is radon mitigation?

Radon mitigation is the process of getting rid of high amounts of radon in your house through some professional equipment placed in the lowest possible area of the house.

This consists of the apparatus that needs to be placed in an accurate position and till the test is being conducted, it should remain untouched. Mostly it is placed in the basement of the house and it helps in keeping the airflow of the house smooth so that the air would not remain stagnant inside thus increasing the levels of radon.


By getting Radon testing Atlantahelps the residents through its vast market to be satisfied that there are no higher amounts of radon present inside the property and it is completely safe for them to stay inside by getting professional services. Once an inspection is done and your house is clear, you should also get it done on an annual basis to make sure that the problem would not arise inside your home.

If your house is not clear from higher amounts of radon present inside, you should get a mitigation system installed as soon as possible and also get it checked regularly to make sure that the issue won’t come back again and you are good to go!

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