How You can Make a Grand Choice for the Paint Colors?

Paint Colors

No doubt, in painting and decoration, a well-chosen neutral color will always be a perfect ally. Whether you are looking for a luxurious, sophisticated, cozy or simple atmosphere, it will always look great. But by the way, what are neutral paint colors?

Stop Misconceptions

Neutrals aren’t just shades of white, brown, gray, or black. Neutral colors are much more subtle than that. Some colorful shades are now part of the neutral palette. Some even claim that almost all colors, except the pure colors of the color wheel, hide a background shade that makes them neutral colors.

This is how new neutrals are born. They are also called “complex colors “, because of their color content. While a neutral, by definition, contains no color! Among these complex colors, we can cite certain shades of green, such as olive green for example. Coral and some yellows are also neutral colors today.

Benefits of Neutral Colors

Neutral paints act primarily as undertones. So they are:

  • Very universal: They adapt to all styles of decor, from the most classic to the most contemporary.
  • Timeless: No risk of them going out of fashion, they are constantly in fashion!
  • Easy to combine: Whatever the association, you are unlikely to go wrong. 
  • Everything suits them even the brightest colors. This gives you endless possibilities for your decor. In short, do not hesitate to superimpose them with stronger tones. Or even to harmonize them with each other, in gradients, for example.
  • User-friendly and elegant: A mole, for example, will create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

Choosing the Right Neutral Paint Colors

To choose the perfect neutral, you have to be able to detect its undertones. A gray can draw on blue or green, a taupe on pink or even purple, beige on yellow, pink or green! Not always easy to realize before applying them to the walls. Choosing the Foyr Neo software is the best deal there.

So What to Do? Compare: 

Choose your neutral color. Then, place the sample next to a neutral of the same family to better perceive the undertone. The most telling example is that of white. Combining whites in the same room whose background shade does not match, such as white with a hint of yellow and white with a hint of blue, will cause a real decorative fiasco? In short, if you want to combine two whites in the same room, make sure they have the same undertone.

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Have a Color Theme throughout Your Home

It’s not that you have to paint your whole house the same color, but especially in rooms that open into each other, think about what each room will look like when you’re standing in another. If you want to play it safe and go with just one color, at least a few shades lighter or darker in a room or even on a focal wall. It’s a great way to add depth and interest to a space.

The use of a consistent color scheme across a model house is a great illustration of this. Fabrics and accents are often used to bring color to a room that has a neutral primary wall color. Then, in the bedrooms, they may use the accent colors from the living area on the walls while keeping the bedding simple.

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