5 Ways Adjustable Beds Benefit Seniors

Adjustable Beds

 It’s easy to think of the hospital whenever you hear the phrase, ‘adjustable beds.’ But that should only happen if you’re yet to learn of the available modern options. Today, it’s possible to have adjustable beds in homes, especially if you’re a senior. That said, let’s take a look at the five crucial ways adjustable beds can benefit seniors.

Lightens Back Pain

 Adjustable beds are great because they can help alleviate back pain. Adjusting the area around the foot and head ensures that your back has a good resting position. There won’t be too much pressure on the sciatic nerve if the spine has enough support. By positioning the base, one can sleep comfortably because the surface will be close to the contouring of the body.

By slanting the head by around 45-degrees, there will be a significant reduction of compression around the lower back. Thus, back pain will reduce by a considerable percentage. The angled head also makes it possible to reduce the chances of encountering neckache.

Reduces Snoring, Asthma, and Sleep Apnea

 Both seniors and younger individuals are likely to snore if they sleep on a flat surface. That happens because the neck places a lot of weight around the windpipe, so it ends up closing. If that happens, they’ll snore. The good thing is that adjustable beds let you lift the head to remove the weight from the windpipe.

Note that asthma, snoring, and sleep apnea are all breathing complications. But you can reduce the symptoms by investing in an adjustable bed frame. Seniors should sleep in angled positions to encourage a smooth flow of air. It also reduces interruptions that might occur in the nasal passages, thereby letting you take in a complimentary stand.

Relieves Arthritis and Pain

 If you have someone with chronic arthritic pain and other painful complications, you can help them sleep comfortably by investing in a king adjustable bed. For example, in the case of stiff, aching joints, you can adjust the bed so that weight is taken off the joints and other affected body parts.

Adjustable beds also come in handy when there’s a need to manage morning stiffness caused by some pain issues. To do that, the senior can raise the head and lower the foot areas to get off the bed with ease. The adjustable bed doesn’t have to come with many features, provided the head and foot areas can be easily regulated.

Fall Asleep Faster

There comes a time when we struggle a lot to fall asleep. This can happen due to several reasons. Pain might also make it hard for us to fall asleep easily. However, you can sleep much faster if you don’t have to struggle to find the right position at night. It’s also possible to relax sooner by placing pillows under your needs.

Adjustable beds make it easy to experience zero gravity with the press of a button. You can use the bed to elevate your head and place your knees slightly past the heart level. By doing that, you’ll remove strain from your legs and fall asleep faster. You’ll feel rested and very productive when you wake up in the morning.

Enhances Blood Circulation

 Do you struggle with swollen feet and legs? With an adjustable bed, you can sleep more comfortably at night and feel more relaxed in the morning. Placing your legs and knees in an elevated position helps you experience improved blood circulation. Also, those with high blood pressure, poor circulation, and diabetes can benefit from adjustable beds.

Note that the beds don’t have to come with modern features. Provided you have what you’re looking for and that it can help with circulation, then it’s worth your money and time. Note that poor circulation might also lead to other complications such as pain in the joints and the inability to feel relaxed when you wake up in the morning.

Closing Thoughts

 Whether you are a senior or have one at home, you should consider getting an adjustable bed. Also, anyone can benefit from these kinds of beds due to the massive benefits they come with. You can get your bed from an online dealer or brick-and-mortar store. Either way, be sure to ascertain that they have the best quality you’re looking for.

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