A guide to vocabulary and its importance


A vocabulary is a form of art used to communicate (or, in layman terms, to talk). Speaking or writing about a topic so that people, no matter their native place, understand English vocabulary makes English vocabulary one of the most basic forms of communication. When I talk about speech, school kids and even professionals consider it one of the most necessary skill sets that you need to possess to excel at your workplace. And one best way to do that is to put yourself out there in the most bizarre situations to let the master in you speak for yourself. Vocabulary primarily has four primary roots, and they are as follows,

  • Written

When we talk about written vocabulary, one central aspect that is always in our mind is spellings. You can find a spelling quiz online that will help you guide yourself or your children step by step towards professional writing. In school, you might use it for a taste like assignment submissions or examinations. But in professional life, there are many fields where good written vocabulary is a core skill. A few examples are, Researchers when they have to write their research papers, content writers for their blogs and articles, project managers to write a project proposal. Also, doctors write detailed prescriptions, authors whose entire work depends on playing around with words and many more.

  • Speaking

The vocal art of communication is another field that will help people judge you. For example, imagine a scenario where you are attending an interview by one of the biggest tech agencies in the world. The first impression you make (it is not a cliche but the truth) is the one that will last forever, and the recruiter will judge you based on the way you speak and carry yourself. There are different ways in which you can use words, and here few of them show respect, whereas the others will give an opposite idea. So choosing the right words for the right situation is a must if you want to improve your speaking skills.

  • Listening

They say good listeners are always the best leaders, entrepreneurs and managers that the world has ever seen. The dedication with which you listen to what your family, friends and colleagues say tells a lot about the type of person (in both empathy and work scenarios) you are and which team you fit in professionally and personally. Not just that but listening also help you understand the psychology of different people that will help you in the longer run. In addition to that, when you listen to your colleagues closely, you will get better ideas and present those ideas in an understandable way to your fellow mates. That will help you improve your integrity and your professional status.

  • Reading news articles, books and academic journals

Reading (any books) is one of the oldest, easiest, fastest and most effective ways to improve your vocabulary and empathy. Empathy is one core skill that will help you understand your fellow mate, and by doing so, you will know what to reply to when you are talking to them. And that is one of the core people skills you require no matter which field you work in and your proficiency. Not just that, but reading a story helps you create a picture in your mind. And so it will help you remember new words quickly.

Now that you know the various subdomains in vocabulary, here are a few ways you can improve them.

  • Continuous practise

Writing (creative or technical) is one of the most effective ways that will help you improve your written skills. Not just that, but it will also help you with your pronunciation of every word in an easy way.

  • Flashcards

Flashcards are the oldest and the best ways through which you, along with a friend, can remember the words you learnt for a longer time.

  • Storylines

The best way to memorize complicated words is to weave a story around that will help you understand the core meaning behind the word in a way that will help you retain it in your memory for the long term.

If you want to improve (or skill up), you should always start early. Fifth grade vocabulary words will permanently set a suitable base for you, which will be a good starting point for your learning. You can also practice what you learnt via the spellquiz that you find online, making your learning’s more effective.

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