How is Flutter App Development Setting Trends?

Flutter app development

Having trouble coming up with a startup business idea and planning to launch a mobile app? In a competitive world that is evolving as we speak, we live in the world of technology. The reason for the highest rate of startup failure is the wrong choice of development platform for mobile apps. Flutter app development is definitely the way to go in 2021 if you want a cross-platform framework that can speed up the development process and reduce development costs. In addition to offering you a great user experience, it also provides you with both aesthetic and smooth animation.

What is Flutter?

The free and open-source Flutter project helps developers build multi-platform apps using a single codebase. It includes a mobile app, a web app, and desktop apps. Cross-platform app development is made easy due to the fact that it is not a library or framework that supplements other technologies, but rather a UI software development kit (SDK). It is an open-source platform by Google for creating hybrid mobile applications. Flutter 1.0 was released in 2018.

In programming, libraries are pieces of code that can be used in an app in order to accomplish a particular task. On the other hand, frameworks act as a structure for future apps by providing tools for creating the architecture. An SDK is a combination of tools, such as libraries, frameworks, documentation, APIs, and other components that are sufficient to construct a fully functional application.

Various Google Assistant modules and the Google Home Hub’s interface are built with Flutter. The number of Flutter apps in the Google Play Store has already reached 50,000, and it’s growing dramatically each day. In addition to Alibaba Group, eBay, Groupon, and other popular e-commerce vendors using Flutter for their mobile and web applications, Amazon also uses it for Amazon Web Services.

How does Flutter work?

A Flutter app uses both the Flutter engine and the Foundation library written in the Dart programming language. A declarative approach to UI development makes Flutter different from other development approaches. There is a need to start at the end, meaning that before developing any element, the user needs to have an idea of what kind of UI it is. UIs written in this manner are considered by developers to be more clear, but they can also present certain challenges initially.

It basically consists of a set of widgets that developers can combine to create an entire user interface. Interfaces of applications typically include many nested widgets, which may be any type of object. Any button can be combined with a widget, and the developer can customize the application radically by combining widgets. There is a possibility of interactions between widgets and the use of built-in functions to respond to external influences. Users can customize widgets according to the design specifications for Android, iOS, and web applications.

Developers can use Flutter to create custom widgets that integrate seamlessly with existing ones. Flutter Gallery does not provide OEM widgets, but it provides developers with a set of ready-to-use widgets that look like native Android and iOS design languages (Material and Cupertino).

Similarly, Flutter provides developers with the ability to view widgets in a reactive fashion. Flutter isn’t the first mobile SDK to offer a reactive look, but it’s the only one that does it without needing a JavaScript bridge. Also, Dart provides a software package repository that can enhance an application’s capabilities.

Data Related to Flutter App Development

  • Flutter is an extremely powerful framework when compared to other languages. Many developers of Flutter app development are very happy with it and find it easy, interesting, and fruitful.
  • In December 2018, Flutter was released for the first time, but by April 2020, 2 million people had downloaded it.
  • As of April 2020, there were over 90,000 Flutter-built apps in the Play Store, a significant increase from 50,000 in April. The Flutter Framework is available for mobile, web, and desktop.
  • On the 4th of December 2018, the Flutter beta was live. The updated version launched on 13th March 2018. Despite its short existence, Flutter already had an established position on the market.
  • In December 2017, 35% of Flutter developers were employed by startups, 26% by enterprises, 19% by self-employed developers, and 7% by design agencies.
  • Flutter app development was selected by 39% of software developers who surveyed cross-platform mobile frameworks used in 2019 and 2020.

Flutter App Development is Setting Trends in the Following Ways

Single Codebase

Among the characteristics of Flutter that make it distinctive is the write-once principle. Developers no longer have to manually adapt to multiple platforms as they had to with traditional cross-platform approaches. The Flutter app development platform means only one-time coding for two platforms, Android and IOS, and not a second time for both. According to most developers, Flutter is a wise choice. Flutter cuts down on both user and developer efforts with its hybrid app development framework. The result is that they can improve the quality, design, and speed of the application quickly.

Writing and Testing Code Efficiently

Flutter app development is extremely efficient. As only one code is required, the process is streamlined and accelerated, which leads to increased efficiency. Developers are able to reuse the single codebase across multiple plugins, thus cutting down development time. Additionally, when testing a cross-platform mobile application, a simple quality assurance process is sufficient to identify and verify its functionality, features, and program.

An Easy Language to Develop in

The operating system Flutter is based on is Dart, which is the in-house language of Google. Compared to other languages, Dart is a one-source and general-purpose language, so even developers with little to no coding experience can learn it easily and quickly. Additionally to mobile application development, Dart is also widely accessible to developing web that runs on servers and desktops.

Utilizing Widgets

As a client of an application, you must be aware that widgets play a very significant role in the user interface. A variety of widgets can be customized regardless of screen size with Flutter integrated apps, including navigation, scrolling, and fonts. The Flutter mobile app framework provides an extremely smooth, yet highly customizable UI experience.

Suitable for MVP

As MVPs have become the primary means for startups to validate their ideas and get funding, they are essential for the success of any startup. The MVP version of an application is a small, basic version with the most essential features. They have the purpose of testing a concept and collecting feedback so that we can improve the app for the next release.  Without an MVP, startups struggle to find investors and must proceed blindly in their development. Flutter app development is a viable option for creating an MVP, as the SDK includes many features, is easy to learn, and delivers quality apps.

Excellent User Experience

Flutter app development consists of creating apps using ready-made widgets. The widget technique in Flutter is much more consistent than other usual approaches like layouts, views, or controllers, and simplifies the development process. In Flutter development, every element you touch is a widget, and widgets can be combined to create more complex layouts.

Ending Statement

 In Flutter app development, businesses can develop native-like apps while spending less money and launching the apps on both Android and iOS at the same time. There is an enormous potential for companies that work on different platforms quickly and efficiently. In addition to being free, Flutter benefits from being a reliable and easy-to-use platform for app development. Artistixe uses Flutter as its primary technology. We have the ability to develop the most suitable apps for your needs as a Flutter app development company.

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