How to Build Strong Bones to Prevent Fracture?

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Healthy bones are important to living a healthy life. At the age of 30, you get the peak bone mass as minerals have been incorporated into your bones during your early adulthood, or you can say during childhood.

When a person does not have enough body mass, it might be possible that you will experience bone fracture later in life as it happens due to developing fragility.

But you can minimize the risk of bone fracture if you take care of your diet and choose healthy lifestyle choices now.

As you age, your bones need more care and you need to choose a diet plan that will keep your bones strong even in your 60s.

Get Enough Protein

Your bones require enough proteins. Orthopedic surgeons in Lahore reveal that proteins help in the absorption of calcium which builds strong bones. Once you do not fulfill the deficiency of proteins, it may result in low calcium absorption. The deficiency of proteins in your body may lead to the breakdown of the bones.

People should also focus on what amount of protein they intake per day. Because some studies have found out that intake of extra proteins may end up with increased acidity in your blood.

A study also claimed that a high intake of proteins results in fewer bone fractures and also helps to preserve the bone mass during weight loss.

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Practice Weight-Bearing Exercise

When you engage yourself in different exercises, it means you are going in the right direction. Weight-bearing exercises are beneficial for you as these help in the formation of strong bones.

Children who are living with type 1 diabetes are also at risk of weak bones. But weight-bearing exercises help a lot to form new bones.

This practice is beneficial for children as it will also prevent bone loss in older adults.

One another study came with evidence that older men and women can also increase the body mineral density and bone size by practicing weight-bearing exercises.

When it comes to strength-training exercise, it is one of the best ways to increase muscle mass and protect your bone from any type of loss in your 20s or older days.

Consume Vitamin D and Vitamin K

To build your bones strong, vitamin D and K play an important role. If we talk about vitamin D, it helps to absorb calcium. People or even children with a low level of vitamin D deficiency tend to have low bone density. Such deficiencies put you at high risk of bone loss.

A recent survey shows that vitamin D deficiency is very common these days among people. You can get vitamin D for your bones from different sources, such as fatty fish, cheese, sun exposure, etc.

Vitamin K2 is also important for your bones as it supports your bone health and plays a key role in bone formation.

Fermented foods are a great source of vitamin K2 (different forms), such as cheese, soybeans, etc.

Do Not Intake Low-Calorie Diets

People often go on dieting and avoid the calorie-rich diet. But experts believe that it is not a good idea. People who want to lose some weight often choose a low-calorie diet that creates rebound hunger and causes muscle mass loss. It is not a good condition for bone health at all.

A well-balanced diet is a good way to maintain weight along with strong bone formation. You need to go with protein-rich foods and consume vitamins to support your bone health.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Good nutrition is important for your bone health but you should also need to maintain a healthy weight. Experts believe that an ideal weight supports bone health. Being underweight can also put you at high risk of different conditions, such as osteoporosis.

Obesity also results in impaired bone quality and increases bone fracture.

Final Thought

Healthy bones are important for every life stage as they help you walk without getting any help. Omega-fatty 3 acids are also good for your bone health.

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