How To Configure Wireless Setting Of Mercusys MR50G Gigabit Router?

Mercusys MR50G Gigabit Router

In today’s time, everyone thinks of working online because of covid-19. Because people think that if they go out, there will be a risk of disease and they will get sick. In this way, people prefer to work online by staying at home. If you want to work online, then for this you will need a network device that gives stable network signals. To do online work, you can install Mercusys MR50G Gigabit Router. Because it provides high-speed network signals to all the devices your client devices stay connected. Moreover, the dual-band network is built-in in this device that surely works better. With this network, the network speed is faster & boost. The reaching speed of this router is up to 1900 Mbps. The 600 Mbps signal is there in the 2.4GHz network & 1200 Mbps in the 5GHz network.

Additionally, the 6 high gain antennas are built-in on both sides of the router that completely amplify the network signals. The beamforming technology of this router provides stable network signals. If you wish to enhance the wireless signals of this router then you should configure the wireless setting. By using mwlogin net, you can easily configure the setting, and network signals absolutely increase.

Why is wireless setting necessary for Mercusys MR50G Gigabit Router?

The MR50G networking router provides network connectivity to all devices. All the devices easily connect to this network by using a signal password. But sometimes the network connectivity is slow or interrupted then the user cannot do online work. If you wish the network connectivity remains stable & very high then you should configure the wireless setting. Under the wireless setting, you can configure many settings. These settings are as follows:

  • Guest network setting
  • Wireless schedule setting
  • WPS setting
  • Wireless setting
  • Additional setting

Configure Wireless Setting Of Mercusys MR50G Gigabit Router

The wireless setting of the MR50G wireless router is more necessary to amplify the network signals. With this setting, you can easily amplify the network signals and seamlessly perform your online work. The wireless setting is easily configured within some minutes. If you wish to configure this setting, then you can follow some given below ways.

Configure wireless setting

If you wish to configure the wireless setting then you can easily configure it. In this setting, you should configure 2.4GHz networks. For this, you can open the web interface and then input in the search fields of this browser. Then, you can access the login, you can use the login default admin password, and properly log in to the account. You can go to the Advanced setting and select the wireless option. Under the wireless setting, you will display a 2.4GHz network page. You can tick enable and quickly enable the 2.4GHz network.

In the network name(SSID) field, you can enter the network name of at least 32 characters. If you wish to enable the security to surely protect your device then you can select any security. You can select an operating channel for the wireless network. In the mode field, you can choose the appropriate “Mixed” mode. After configuring all the wireless settings you can save this setting by clicking the save option.

Guest network setting

The Guest Network setting absolutely allows you to deliver WiFi access for guests without disclosing your host network. When you have guests in your house, workplace, or apartment, you can create a guest network for them. If you really wish to provide WiFi network connectivity for your guest then you should configure the guest network. You can visit the advanced setting and select the wireless option. Under this option, you can click the guest network option. Then, the guest network page is pop-up. You can quickly enable the guest network function. With the network name field, you can create the network name for your guest. You can select the security type & create a strong password for the guest network. In the end, you can click the save button and properly save this setting.

Wireless schedule setting

The wireless function of the MR50G router can be automatically off at a specific time when you do not need the wireless function. But for this, you can configure the schedule setting. Under the advanced setting option, you can choose the wireless schedule option. If this option is disabled then you quickly enable it. You can click Add to specify the wireless off period during which you need the wireless off automatically, and click the save option.

Configure WPS setting

The WPS function allows to quickly & securely connect to the network without using any cable. You can visit the wireless setting by clicking the advanced option. Then, you can choose the WPS function. There are two to configure the WPS function.  The first method is using the Client’s PIN and the other is the router’s PIN.

Firstly, you can enable the client’s PIN and then enter your personal device’s PIN. After that, you can click the connect option and properly configure this setting.

Then, you can select the router’s PIN and then enter the router’s PIN on your personal device.

Review of MR50G Gigabit Router

In my point of view, the mercusys mr50g review is, it is an amazing & high-speed network device. It entirely provides high-speed network connectivity to all devices. The network coverage is more than the traditional router. The 6 high-gain antennas really expand the network speed and you enjoy a wireless network in your whole home. The Gigabit port is available on the back panel that allows the wired device to easily access the network connectivity. Thus, this network router is a completely optimum device for all devices.

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