Should You Apply for an Indian Tourist Visa?

Indian tourist visa

It doesn’t matter from which country you belong to, you should apply for the appropriate visa type while applying for another country’s visa. The same is the case with India and there is no exception.

When you want to visit India as a tourist, you need to apply for an Indian tourist visa that allows you to visit different historical places in India. This Indian visa will allow you to explore the beauty of India and its different provinces or states.

Is India Worth Visiting?

India is the second-largest country in the world according to its population and it is the 7th largest country in the world according to the area.

From any aspect you see, India is a country that you should visit as a tourist. If you see the population, it indicates that this country has a rich and diverse culture. They speak a lot of different languages and they have a lot of different local festivals.

Though India is a secular country, its people are religious and most of the population belongs to Hinduism. Whereas, Islam is the second-largest religion of Indian people. There are people from a lot of religions like Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity, Qadiyaniyat, and a lot more.

If you see India area-wise, then it means that you can find a lot of different lakes, oceans, rivers, mountains, forests, deserts, and a lot more to see.

So, overall, India is a country that you must visit once in life as per different travel blogs.

Is India Safe For Foreign Tourists?

Overall, yes India is a safe country for foreign tourists. People of India are known for their hospitality and friendliness with the foreigners. In major cities, foreign tourists will find a lot of facilities that they can expect in a south Asian country.

But there are a few areas which are not safe for the local people as well as for the foreign tourists. These are the small cities or areas within a few cities where terrorist organizations and criminals have control.

Some extremist organizations operate from within India and the Government of India trying its best to control these non-state actors. So, on your tour to India, it is good to inform the local authorities about your traveling schedule so that they can guide you properly and can provide security if needed.

These are the 3 beautiful and safest states in India. You must consider these states in your next Indian tour.

For foreign female tourists, it could be dangerous to travel alone as they can be a soft target of molesters. Female tourists should travel in a group, or they should hire a local travel agent who should be well-reputed.

How to Get Indian Tourist Visa?

You need to follow the Indian visa application process which is very simple and easy. You can either visit your nearest Indian embassy, or you can apply for an online Indian tourist visa as well.

A short-term Indian Tourist eTA will be enough to travel to India to explore the beauty and history of India.

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