Insert Face: Create a Photo Frame, Hairstyle, Wallpaper for Yourself.

Insert Face

Insert your photos or face in photo frames, hairstyles, wallpapers, backgrounds, effects, movie characters and more. Free photo effects and image filters at Insert Face.

Hairstyles for men, women : Upload your photo. Select any hairstyle. Move, resize, rotate hairstyle on your photo. After adjusting, download the image. You can paste a variety of wigs, beard, mustache etc.

These hairstyles may also be useful for boys and girls.

Insert your photos in photo frames for Birthday, Christmas, New Year, Love, Marriage, Wedding Anniversary etc.

Insert your face in popular movie posters. Become a hero, actor or actress.

Get Inspired

Get Inspired to create your own Work Experience Poster. PhotoShopping Effect, Face Twister Effect.

These photo effects and photo manipulations are so addictive that the market is flooded with these types of apps. Like most of you we’ve been addicted to them and, as always, we’ve been exploring the plethora of photo filters and effects for free that’s available in the Play Store. Why limit ourselves to a few products? The trick is in using the right filters and effect to get the job done.

Some of you might find some of the applications a little… pixelated. Some of them may be too difficult to use. Others are just plain tricky to operate, and some are just plain frustrating.

Didn’t I say that these are gimmicky? They are just for fun. In the end, they’re just apps.

Insert Face

Take a Photo

Download or make a photo of yourself on a PC

Or upload a photo of your kids to a photo app.

Insert a photo of someone, places, objects and things.

Insert your picture into a video (audio or video).

Create your own photo collage. Create an Album to share your photos. Album has the ability to select photos to a music playlist.

Insert photos or stickers on your Facebook account. Upload photos directly into your status update, wallpapers, posts and comments on Facebook.

Insert photos or stickers in apps such as your mobile.

Save your photos or stickies on your iOS device and upload the images onto your computer.

Print your photographs.

There are other photo editing tools and apps. I haven’t listed them all.

Start creating your own photo editing and photo effects.

Upload your photo in Insert Face App

Insert your photo in a celebrity’s movie poster. Play as a movie star.

Insert your photo in a toy mannequin. Add your face to the doll. Take photos with your mannequin dolls. You can have as many mannequins as you want.

Haircut filter : Take photo and choose a new hairstyle for yourself.

Hairstyle: #812b6b5b7a4b8ac4cdfa779ff6ea0b28

Changing your hairstyle is a one-stop place where you can change your hairstyle from any top of the shelf hairstyle. Adding hot to hot short and cool to cool haircut will change your hairstyle. Change your hairstyle by changing the short and cool hairstyle, change your hair color from blonde to red, dye your hair blond, purple or blue, add some tattoos, line your teeth with white color or choose a perfect teeth. You can also add some beards and facial hair.

Select a hairstyle for your photo

Customize filters, effects, frames & effects to enhance your photos

Download FREE Face Inserts.

Download Face Inserts.

Take a selfie with your face in the frame

Insert your Face in a famous actor or actress Photo.

Insert your face in your favorite singer, film actor or actress.

You can also put a photo of your pet dog or cat on your profile photo.

Crop a photo and insert your face in it.

Enjoy all the free Face Fill tools available on FaceDrop.com for men, women, boys and girls. You can always rely on FaceDrop.com to fill your faces on photo albums, profiles, images and more.

This tool is easy to use, easy to find and easy to share your family portraits and photos with all your friends and family members who live far away from you.

Visit FaceDrop.com today.

Download the photo of your face in the Insert Face frame

Insert your photos or face in unusual hats. Insert your photo, videos in hats.

Wear a crazy hat and your face will be seen on a pothole.

You can even insert your face in strange situations like being crushed under a boulder, in a bowl of spaghetti, on a laptop, or in a snow globe.

These photo effects and effects can be added to your normal photos as well.

Download Photo Effect for Kids.

Fix Your Face : If you have a great family photo, send it to your kid’s college or school so that they can post it on their Facebook page.

1. Upload the photo that you want to fix. You can upload photos from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Flickr, Flickr, Flickr, Flickr

2. Then select the photo editing app or photo editor.

3. Choose the color tones and filters for the photo.

Share to social media.

Upload photos for Life Time Memories, Birthday, Valentines, Wedding, Holidays, Party, Work, Friends or Spouse.

Download thousands of frames and hairstyles

Use photo filters. Set photo filters as background, effects, and/or face.

Download wallpapers for iPhone, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G.

Photos with Summer Rose, Ski, Summer, Fairy, Winter, Beach, Dark, Cake, Blue, Brown, Aqua, Mushroom, Arrow, Queen, Snake, Tower, Space, Moon, Tree, Sky, Game.

Customized for your Face

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