Kamia Harris – Australian Psychologist

A registered psychologist since 2000, Kamia Harris has a diverse range of experience across the public and private sectors. She has worked in community health, the Department of Defence, the Australian Psychological Society, and the Australian Centre for Post Traumatic Mental Health. Her expertise lies in counselling, mental health intervention, critical incident response, and organisational training and advisory roles. The following are a few highlights of her experience.

Russ Harris

Dr. Russ Harris and Dr. Kamia Harris met when they were junior doctors in the hospital and were fascinated with the psychological aspects of human health. They became frustrated with modern medicine and began exploring alternative methods of treatment. They eventually developed an understanding of the interconnections between the mind, body, environment, and wellbeing. Their new book, The Happiness Trap, offers a powerful solution to the epidemic of stress in modern life.

Dr. Russ Harris and Kamia Harris are married with two children. They have been practicing psychology for 18 years. Their combined training has given them skills and expertise in assessment and treatment of mental health problems. Their expertise includes counselling, psychotherapy, neuroscience research, and mental health intervention. They also work with the grief and loss process, anger management, assertiveness, sleep, and relationships. Kamia is a member of the Australian Psychological Society.

ACT Mindfully

ACT Mindfully with Kamia Harris is a ten-week crash course on the ACT model that makes the six processes accessible to everyone. The author encourages readers to tailor the techniques to their specific clients and situations, including defusion techniques, mindfulness exercises, client worksheets and homework schedules. ACT Mindfully with Kamia Harris contains exercises that promote self-awareness and mindfulness, and includes sections on “when this doesn’t work.”

Russ Harris’ ACT workshops

In his bestselling book ‘The ACT Handbook’, Dr. Russ Harris describes the ACT model and shares his approach for implementing it. Although he has trained over 30,000 health professionals on ACT, his journey to becoming a successful trainer and therapist was far from straightforward. In fact, as a young GP, he was dissatisfied with the work he was doing and wanted to find a more fulfilling way to help people.

Before joining the ACT movement, Harris had studied various counselling techniques, including cognitive behavioural therapy. She found it very useful and dedicated one day a week to work with patients on a therapeutic journey. Harris’s journey led her to explore the meaning of happiness and eventually fell in love with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. While her career as a psychologist initially started as a hobby, she found that ACT was her true calling.

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