Lost Ark: “Destined For Destruction” Detailed Introduction

Lost Ark

Now Lost Ark’s latest update, Destined For Destruction, has arrived. It brings more new content for players, including the new Destroyer Advanced Class, the first Legion Raid, Deskaluda Guardian Raid, new events and more. This update is very extensive, and players who are interested in it should read this guide carefully before trying out the updated Lost Ark. If gamers are also willing to spend some time and money, they can buy Lost Ark Gold a lot in advance to be more prepared.

Destroyer Advanced Class

While the Destroyer can hit pretty hard, its attack and movement speed may suffer because of the massive hammer it’s dragging. This doesn’t get in the way. Destroyer can use the Concentration Skills to charge up to three Gravity Cores during combat. Use them to generate a shield for players to debuff enemies and increase your own damage output.

Valtan Legion Raid

Legion Raid requires teamwork to understand and execute some strategies to counter Legion Commander’s unique traits, abilities, and mechanics. The Valtan Legion Raid was introduced in the Western version. It’s an 8-man Legion quest with 2 gates and introduces a ton of new mechanics. Only players who have reached level 1415 can try Normal difficulty, and level 1445 can try Hard. So players who haven’t arrived yet can buy Lost Ark Gold to level up quickly.

Deskaluda Guardian Raid

A new Guardian will then appear and must be defeated before they usher in the Dark Ages. Players can also try to defeat three Challenge Guardians each week. Each Guardian has its own required item level to enter, and one Guardian rotates out each week, replaced by a different enemy. Although these enemies are hard, defeating them players will also be able to get more and more diverse rewards.

Guild Activities

Players can battle other guilds in PvP battles through Island Siege. And also be able to take part in Naruni Island Racing, Snowpang Island Snow Fight and PvE races on Altesien Island for even more rewards and perks. They can also enter their guild base through Raid Match to challenge the mighty Sylmael Devourer, kill enemies and improve their rankings.

Wild Wings Island

This is a new event island where players become chicken or beer and fight Chicking bosses to earn event coins. The faster they kill the enemy, the faster the chicks will appear and the more coins the players will get. They can also take part in co-op missions or join battles alone. Players can also get rewards such as Rapport Chests, Tailoring & Metallurgy Books, Honing Materials and Silver.

The update also brings more content and fixes, and players can check out the full content on the official website. If they want to have more great achievements in the game, then they can buy Gold Lost Ark to achieve this goal. 

Lost Ark(PC)

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