Not Every Business Is Using Video Marketing, But Almost All Of Them Are

The video revolution began a few years back and has dominated the online marketing world since then. The difference in the way a video is used today has transformed everything. Marketing websites are no more static; they are full of quality video content. Businesses are using video content to keep consumers engaged, build trust, and much more.

Video marketing has become a crucial part of the online marketing strategy for almost all businesses due to the higher ROI that videos offer. 

Statistics show that more than 86% of brands have adopted video marketing. And a significant percentage of brands believe video marketing to be an essential part of the marketing strategy.

Top Perks of Incorporating Video Marketing in the Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is more than a part of the marketing strategy. It has become a potential part of the social media strategy for most businesses as well. 

Including well-edited videos, edited perfectly with an online video editor in one’s social media, does wonder.

Undoubtedly, the latest addition to the promotion ticket is- video marketing. Here are the top perks of incorporating video marketing in one’s marketing strategy:

  1. More information can be condensed in a short video
  2. Consumers’ preference
  3. Boosts conversions
  4. Fosters a better relationship
  5. Delivers an impeccable ROI
  6. Google admires well-edited videos

More Information Can Be Condensed In A Short Video

With almost every brand using videos, the competition is about offering enhanced quality and more information to satisfy consumer needs.

Text and pictures are good, but videos perform great when it’s about giving more in a short time. 

Data, statistics, graphics, audio, etc., can be included in a short video to enhance its quality. These can be done by using an online video editor; a video editor is packed with the necessary tools to create excellent videos.

Consumers’ Preferences

To keep it simple- people love videos. Studies have shown that the second most used search engine is- YouTube. Users spend a vast amount of time watching videos.

Everybody wants to save time, and videos convey more in a short time. This content format is fun and informative at the same time. 

‘How to’ videos are one of the most-watched videos, as it is easier to learn through fun video content than reading lengthy documents to understand a simple technique.

Boosts Conversions

You can make huge profits by adding video content to a brand’s landing page. 

  • Product videos are very satisfying and engage customers more than all-text content. 
  • As per case studies, users tend to click on product videos more often, and most of them end up buying the products. 
  • Great upcoming deals can be shown to customers using product videos. 

Videos increase sales by multiple folds. A marketing strategy must incorporate video marketing to boost conversions.

You can use an video editor to create a professional product video by fixing the brightness and cutting out extra noise. 

Fosters a Better Relationship

Trust is the key to sales. One way to build trust with consumers is by telling a compelling story. Video is a perfect tool to combine words with emotions. 

Using an excellent online video editor, you can merge pictures with text and animation to bring things to life.

Long-term relationships can be built by offering consumers informative and explainer videos. 

Consumers are happy to learn about trending topics and marketing concepts for free. This happy feeling can make them potential buyers the next moment.

Delivers an Impeccable ROI

All businesses want a maximised rate of investment. Videos are easy to create with little investment using a good video editor, and they best serve the purpose.

Today, even smartphones can be used to create stand-out video content. 

The best thing about videos is that the audience is more interested in the content than the finishing. Many low-quality videos make it to the trending list because of their content. 

Google Admires Well-Edited Videos

The longer a user spends on a website, the better is the message for search engines. 

Videos levitate massive traffic to brand websites, which is a good signal. It boosts the position and ranking of a website. 

Editing a marketing video to pair it with a catchy thumbnail and including the right keywords do wonders to SEO. 

Google prefers high-quality videos. And, with Google owning YouTube, it is crucial to use an excellent video editor to give a professional look to a brand video.

Some Ongoing Video Marketing Trends

To keep one’s shoulders high in the crowd, one needs to walk an extra mile. Now, top businesses are using these marketing trends to gravitate the audience’s attention:

360-Degree Videos

Brands are switching to innovative video types to give customers a fantastic experience. 

  • With 360-degree product videos, more angles and essential elements can be covered. 
  • This futuristic video type is gaining momentum for being the best to earn customer loyalty. 

A video editor is equipped with amazing tools and super cool templates. Using an online video editor, you can include more objects to make an even attractive 360-degree video. 

Live-Streaming Videos

It is a new content format gaining traction among top creators and influencers. 

  • These are best suited for carrying out online campaigns and making big announcements.
  • This genre is highly engaging and enjoyable.
  • Social media platforms keep adding new filters to make live streams more fun.

Animated Videos

Big organisations are using animated videos to promote products or services artistically. An excellent online video editor has a beautiful colour palette, incredible themes, and stunning animations. 

You can use animated videos to train employees while keeping away stress. The onboarding process can be made smooth and amusing with animated video clips. 

Explainer Videos

The success of TikTok and YouTube has convinced marketers to think of innovative ideas. Brands are using catchy YouTube channel logo design, video thumbnails, and creative explainer videos to explainer videos to:

  • Educate customers.
  • Gain consumer trust.
  • Convert potential customers to buyers.
  • Train new employees joining your company.


The evolution of video marketing has shifted marketing trends to a great deal. Companies are trying new techniques to allure consumers. The popularity of video content has led to the birth of trendy genres like live videos, client testimonials, and reels. Brands need to be more alert and flexible to experiment with new video marketing trends.

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