Top Attractions in Anatolia, Turkey For Tourists


Anatolia aka Asia Minor is a large city in Turkey. Under the government of ‘Kemal Atatürk‘ in 1923, Anatolia became a part of Turkey. The city is famous around the world due to its natural beauty, amazing beaches, and historic places.

In short, Anatolia has plenty of tourists attractions and loads of things to do for the people who love to travel. The population of Anatolia is more than 5,700,000. So if you are planning your holiday tour to Anatolia, don’t miss visiting Ottoman buildings that are still present in the city.

Moreover, there are loads of other places like Konyaalti Beach, Aspendos, and Lara Beach that are loved by many tourists worldwide. Get your Turkey visa application and be ready to explore the beauty of these best places to visit in Anatolia.

Places to visit in Anatolia

1- Konyaalti Beach:

Konyaalti beach is one of the top tourist attractions in Anatolia. The crystal clear blue water of the beach and grayish sand will make you fall in love with the view.

Summer is the best season to visit Konyaalti beach. Also, it is one of those places that can be visited with family. You will find all the necessary facilities around the beach like showers, toilets, cafes, restaurants, and hotels.

The beach is not too far away from Anatolia, it will take you a 1 hour of drive to reach Konyaalti beach from Anatolia city.

2- Aspendos:

Aspendos is the oldest city in Asia Minor and is very popular among tourists. The most famous tourist attraction in Aspendos is the Aspendos theater. The theater was built by Romans and it’s still preserved in its original shape.

Aspendos theater is an almost 40-minute drive away from Aspendos. Moreover, Perge and Manavgat Waterfalls are other tourist attractions you can enjoy near Aspendos city.

If you are interested in historical places, then you should check out these best historical places to visit in Turkey.

3- Lara Beach

Lara beach is another beautiful place to visit near Anatolia, Turkey. As compared to Konyaalti beach, Lara beach is a lot warmer and calmer. The bluish water and white sand make tourists crazy.

The sunset at Lara Beach will make you feel as if you are living in a new world. Even if you are traveling with family, Lara beach is the best place to visit due to its family-friendly facilities.

The beach is almost an hour’s drive away from Antalya.

4- Antalya Museum:

Antalya museum is one of the oldest and most famous museums in Turkey. If you are a lover of history, believe me, this is the place for you.

The museum is full of Roman sculptures, and you will find loads of historic collections from culture to fashion of the Roman era. From Antalya city, it might take you 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the Antalya museum.


You can get your Turkey visa online to visit Anatolia as a foreign tourist. The people of Turkey are very friendly and welcoming to tourists. Most of the people living around tourist attractions understand the English language very well, so you won’t face any problem in communication with the local people.

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