Read Speed ​​- View factors that hinder read speed

You will agree that knowledge cannot be obtained in a vacuum. Books have been an important medium for acquiring and improving knowledge since ancient times, and in fact books are a great way for people to improve their lives. A brisk and knowledgeable person is always confident and does not shy away from arguments, but fast reading is not something any of us are good at. Some of us have developed bad reading habits that greatly affect our reading speed. as well as our ability to not only understand, but remember what we read. What bad habits hinder fast reading? Visit our site for more about Reading tricks.

• Focus on reading literally.

I admit that there are those who focus primarily on reading every word in a sentence. The downside to this is that they read slower and don’t understand what they’re reading. if you read verbatim You tend to miss the contextual meaning of a sentence. Not every word in a sentence deserves the utmost attention. That is why it is important to break the bad habit of reading word for word. because it hinders or slows down your reading speed.

• Repeat a sentence or line.

Rereading is more common among people who tend to think they missed something. So go back and understand better. This habit slows down the reading habit and is often not prompted by a lack of confidence or fear of missing out. If you are in the habit of reading new lines Chances are your reading speed is too slow.

• Reading a word or a chorus.

Subvocalization Refers to situations where a person reads aloud to hear the pronunciation of a word. Subvocalization Think it will slow down your reading speed. Because it interferes with your brain’s ability to process or understand the information you read. What most people don’t seem to understand is that lip movement has nothing to do with the speed at which the brain perceives information, so keep your mind centered while reading. Instead of resorting to secondary vocalizations. Because it slows down the reading speed.

It is well known that children who read and spend time outside of school do better in school than their non-reading peers, but the current trend is problematic for proponents of extracurricular reading. As libraries across the country are in danger of closing, and more and more children are turning to video games for after-school entertainment. It seems the kids will get into the habit of reading less and less. So what can anxious parents do to encourage their kids to read outside of school and help reduce this decline in reading ability?

One of the most important things parents can do is Experts suggest that a parent’s reading experience alone increases the likelihood that young children will want to pick up a book. Parents should take the time to read with their children. both for them and for them This represents a strong investment by parents in reading to their children. This helps to build enthusiasm and interest early on. what is the basis of independent reading for children

Another measure that parents can take is to ensure that their children have good access to new reading material, which can take many forms. If you have a library nearby Give your child a library card and take it to the library regularly to borrow new books. Parents can also follow steps. to make sure their house has enough books. It allows parents to guide their children in reading through a series of recommendations. while allowing them to explore their own interests. Children should have a place for their own books in the room. Because personal books foster a sense of belonging and investment in the reading experience.

But that’s certainly not all about the book. Having a daily newspaper is a great way to introduce regular reading into your child’s life. and a well-stocked magazine rack will help children discover new interests

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