Top Ten Social Media Meme Tools and Ideas to Look Out for Marketing Personnel

Social Media Meme Tools

People love memes. They are funny and take no time to digest. They are easy to understand, easy to share. If you’re looking to make friends or to make someone laugh or add humour to your statementsyou can use memes. Marketers are aware of the fact that using memes can be effective in order to reach out to younger audiences for their long-term success. In fact, 30% of millennials and 64% of Gen Z-ers follow dedicated meme accounts. This article has been developed by Nico Digital bearing references of the contributions of Eyal Katz on Oktopost.

If you’re looking for an online meme maker, Promo got your back. Easily make a meme yourself with Promo’s online video meme maker. Choose from millions of videos in our library or upload your own photos and videos. Promo’s video meme maker is equipped with a user-friendly dashboard so you can create professional-looking memes quickly and easily.

Understanding meme marketing: Using memes for your social media content can help increase brand value. Three quarters of all internet users among the ages between 13-26 share memes with their friends/contacts. This stat means that you might see organic and free distribution if you post a good meme. It is always the right choice to go viral for the right reasons and the internet has always enjoyed a good old school epic fail. The danger involved in misusing a meme is that you will shoot past “funny” and “relatable” and land squarely on “cringe”. Let us look at the top 10 social media meme ideas and tools for this year. Market Business Tech

Memes are fast and cheap to make; this is the benefit of using memes. There are plenty of tools available that help to participate in whatever the hot meme of the week is. Here’s the list of some tools and ideas for this year.

This website offers online photo editing tools as well as a meme editor that allows you to upload your own images or choose from a long list of popular and updated meme templates. Registration and use are free. But for 6 dollars a month, you get additional tools, larger file sizes, and an ad-free user interface, among other things.

  • Idea – Memejacking

Many memes last for months or even years, but there is always a new meme that is circulating. The meaning of Meme jacking is jumping on these trending memes, hijacking them, if you will, to ride the wave of excitement and popularity. Memes that come from unique events are perfect for this. When they start, everyone shares as many as they can, but once the meme is over, it’s over. Do not miss!

Kapwing’s Meme Maker has classic meme templates and trending memes, including lots of animated gifs. It’s free to use, but you can upgrade to the Pro version for $ 17 per month if you want to remove watermarks and access premium features.

  • Idea – Make your memes relatable

Memes don’t have to be devastatingly funny to have a meaningful impact. Sometimes the best memes perfectly capture a certain sentiment that we can all understand. Brands can use these types of memes to make connections to the problems their products solve and generate a meaningful emotional response.

If you are looking for old school meme templates, Quickmeme offers you a simple interface and a catalogue of all the classics. You can also upload your own images for captions. It is easy.

  • Idea – Create your own memes

One of the best things about meme culture is that you can fully embrace other people’s great ideas; that’s what makes them memes, after all. However, some brands have had great success memorizing their own content. Netflix does this very effectively to promote its new releases.

When you need professional-looking classic memes, Adobe Spark’s free meme maker has some unique templates for you. Spark offers a full suite of design tools for creating all kinds of visual content for social media, priced at $ 9.99 per month for individuals or $ 19.99 for teams.

  • Idea – Meme-Style challenges

Meme challenges are a great way to connect with your audience and generate even more content to share about your brand. All you have to do is provide a format and a callout, and then come up with the best work your audience creates. It doesn’t hurt to incentivize prizes, but a lot of people will join in for fun.

This meme-making site has fun templates, as well as tools for creating animated gifs and motivational posters. Upgrading to the Pro version costs $ 9.95 per month, and allows you to create higher quality images without ads or watermarks.

  • Idea – Always employ meme best practices

Be aware that some memes come from controversial forums and others use potentially offensive stereotypes. A good rule of thumb is that if you’re not sure what a meme refers to or why it’s supposed to be funny, do some research before using it. This will help you avoid any posts that may be objectionable and that may result in your trademark being damaged or worse, getting “cancelled.” It is also important to monitor intellectual property (IP). In general, memes are highly unlikely to get you in trouble for trademark infringements. But you must be careful and use good judgment when creating memes that use the intellectual property of other brands, just in case.

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