Tips and Strategies for Successful Share Market

Share Market

The share market also referred to as the stock market, is one of the best places to grow your wealth over a long period. Then why do so many people lose money in the stock market? Investing in shares is not as simple as opening a Demat account and selecting the buy option. Yes, it is true that to buy shares, you only have to open Demat account and trading account, but to become a successful investor, you need to do more than that. You can only make money in the stock market if you have a proper investing strategy, do your research, and manage risk efficiently.  

Tips to Become Successful in The Share Market

1. Understand the basics 

Understanding the basics of investing is the first step to becoming an investor in the stock market. It would be best to start reading and learning about investing before opening a Demat account. Consider reading blogs and listening to podcasts on stock markets and investing. Before making any investments, you must understand concepts like long-term compounding and market cycles. 

2. Set investing goals 

Now the expectations of every person are different, but if you have read enough, you will know what would be realistic expectations. You can have high expectations, but keep them realistic. However, when your expectations are high, so are your stakes and the time you put into research. At the same time, the investment time horizon also differs from person to person. So taking these factors into account, you decide on realistic goals. So, you set your investment goals based on your risk appetite, investment time frame, and dedication to research. 

3. Research companies

You must research companies from a fundamental angle to identify suitable investments to help you achieve your investment goals. For that, you must learn fundamental analysis, which entails analyzing the operations and scalability of the company’s business. It also involves evaluating the company’s financial statements and its share price valuation. There may be plenty of good companies you can invest in in the Indian stock market. However, every company is not trading at an attractive price. At the same time, if even the company is good, the nature of its business is such that it may only be worth holding for a specific time frame. You can learn about the company’s business and financials through annual reports, management interviews, and research reports. Look for companies where the earnings are stable, and the revenue is growing.  

4. Invest at the right valuations

Emphasizing more on valuations discussed in the previous paragraph, you have to invest in stocks trading at attractive valuations to make money in the stock market. It especially holds true if your investment horizon is on the shorter side, let us say around two years. The stock market is forward-looking. So many times, the markets already price in a company’s future earnings. Based on your research and analysis, you estimate the future earnings growth and ascertain a valuation. Avoid investing in one if you find that the stock is overvalued. When you invest in an overvalued stock, the upside is low, but the downside is high. 

5. Close the door to rumors

As an investor, you make investment decisions based on your research and understanding of the business. You will hear many rumors in the stock market but never make investment decisions based on rumors. Unfortunately, retail investors are the ones who lose money due to rumors.

6. Diversify your portfolio 

Even the most successful investors in the world do not get all their bets right. No matter your dedication and research, there is always a chance of going wrong. So do not invest in a single company or a single sector. Instead, invest in a handful of companies from different industries to diversify your portfolio and limit your risks. However, do not diversify to a point where it becomes difficult to manage your investments.  

7. Learn to sell 

You will finally have to sell your stocks at some point to make money. A good time you sell a stock will be if you find better investment opportunities or if the stock gets drastically overvalued. At the same time, you must also learn to book losses when your investment thesis goes wrong or if the risks you identify play out. However, selling due to an identified risk is not the same as panic selling. 

For instance, a valid reason to book a loss will be if the company you have invested in has top-management issues. On the other hand, you should avoid panic selling since stock markets are volatile, especially in the short term. In every investor’s investing journey, some bets will go wrong, so if that is the case, learn to book a loss and deploy your capital elsewhere. The share market will offer you plenty of other good investment opportunities. 


Strategies might vary from investor to investor, but focus on research and analysis, and you will succeed in the share market. Investors who research and do their due diligence may not get all their bets right but will get more right than wrong. And the bets that work out can result in large wealth creation. So start learning the basics, then open Demat account, and begin investing.

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