During the month of February Twitch’s overall viewership dropped by a third with the most popular games being Lost Ark and Ironmouse at

Twitch's overall viewership dropped

Traditionally, February is a down month for all content platforms. This is due to the fact that February has three fewer days than January, and as a result, total viewership numbers in terms of hours always see a significant decline in February.

 Despite the fact that Twitch’s total number of hours watched for the month fell below two billion for the first time since November, the totals were still higher than those recorded in November and December of the previous year. The analytics partner for StreamElements, Rainmaker, reported a much more noticeable decline in Facebook Gaming during the month of January, falling far short of the social Lost Ark Gold store ‘s previous record of 600 million hours watched in January.

Despite thelost ark gold for sale low viewership numbers, Twitch had some notable developments in February, lost ark gold including the addition of the platform’s first Vtuber, who was included in the platform’s top 10 creators list for the first time.

With the help of a subathon that lasted nearly the entire month of February, Ironmouse was able to break into the top ten streamers on Twitch, where she is currently ranked eighth with approximately seven million total hours of viewing time on the platform. Furthermore, she was the first woman on the platform to reach 100,000 subscribers, making her channel one oflost ark gold the most subscribed channels on the platform at the time of its launch.

XQc has retained his hold on the Twitch throne, raking in more than 20 million hours of viewing time for the second consecutive month. Asmongold, cheap lost ark gold who returned from a four-month hiatus to take second place on the strength of mostly Lost Ark performances, was a formidable opponent despite his strong showing.

Just Chatting’s 257 million hours of viewing across the entire Twitch  was the only thing that could top Lost Ark’s performance in the streaming world, which saw 143 million hours of viewing on Amazon Games’ latest release, which was only surpassed by Just Chatting’s 257 million hours of viewing across the entire Twitch . Despite the fact that it only officially launched on February 25, Elden Ring made an appearance in the top ten, taking the eighth spot over games such as Fortnite and Dota 2 with 57 million hours of video game viewing.

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