Which is better: CLAT or AILET?


CLAT and AILET are the two most crucial exams yet most popular exams for law aspirants. Both of these exams hold a special place in the life of law aspirants. It is because; these two exams are the gateway to the law profession that you want. You can find many National Law universities in India. Reading in one of such colleges is prestigious and offers you an assured career in law. However, achieving seats in these national law universities is not so simple.

You have to pass the two most crucial hurdles as your entrance exam to get seats in the top NLUs of India. Further, your seat in any of the law universities gets decided as per the rank you score in the entrance exams like CLAT and AILET. The consortium every year commences these two exams two find out deserving aspirants to read in the NLUs. However, if you are a newcomer, it is evident that you will get confused about which entrance should you get prepared for?

Although both of these exams are quite different, both of them offer you their own perk. Further, you can prepare for both these exams if you want. Some you might have a question in your mind about which one is better, and which exam will offer you the best opportunities. In such cases, this post will offer you the best comparison. Before moving on to the comparison, here is the basic difference between both of these exams. Download syllabus for CLAT 2022 PDF.

CLAT vs. AILET: the difference 


CLAT is the common law admission examination that commences every year. The CLAT consortium conducts this exam to find out aspirants to read in NLUs. Appearing CLAT will help you acquire a seat in all National Law Universities across India. That implies; the score that you achieve in your CLAT test is acceptable in all NLUs.


However, in contrast, the All India Law Entrance Test or AILET gets conducted by the National Law University of Delhi only. Further, the mark you score in AILET helps you achieve a seat in NLU, Delhi only. That implies; if you only aspire for Delhi NLU, you need AILET, but if you want to get a seat in any NLU all over India, you should go for CLAT.

In-depth comparison

Exam duration 

The CLAT exam offers you 120 minutes or two hours to complete your paper. However, in the AILET, you get only 90 minutes or 1 hour 30 minutes to complete the paper. In terms of duration, CLAT offers you more time.

Mode of exam

When you compare the modes of the exam, the CLAT is a completely online mode exam. You will answer the question in the form of MCQ. Further, the AILET, on the other hand, is an offline or paper-pencil-based exam. You have to appear it offline in a paper. In the pandemic, giving an online exam would always be a better choice.

Minimum qualification required

When it comes to qualification, CLAT allows both post-graduate and undergraduate aspirants to give the exam. However, in AILET, only undergraduates are admissible. When it is about the opportunity, CLAT offers the chance to both UG and PG aspirants. But when it is about competition, you will find less competition in AILET as only UG aspirants can apply.


While talking about exposure, you may already know that CLAT offers you better exposure. This is because, CLAT test will not only help you acquire a seat in NLUs, but you can also get admission in the private law colleges based on your rank. However, in the case of AILET, you can get admission in the NLU, Delhi only.

Negative marking 

When you compare both these exams in terms of negative marking, two of these exams are equally balanced. Both these exams will deduct 0.25 marks for every wrong attempt of yours.

Level of difficulty 

The level of difficulty is the most important thing to consider. In terms of Difficulty, AILET offers you a more difficult question. But the questions of CLAT are moderate.

Conclusion: Which one is better?

Deciding the better one is always tedious. Although attending both of these exams are highly recommendable, as they both offer you experience. But in terms of exposure, CLAT is better. Appearing in AILET offers you more competition; if you don’t get selected, you need to drop a year. But CLAT marks get accepted in all top NLUs and private colleges.

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