Which is better QA as a service or performance testing as a service?

performance testing

There is no comparison to be made between QA testing as a service and performance testing; while the two are connected in some way, neither can take the place of the other. Consequently, determining which of the two is superior is an impossible undertaking. 

For the purpose of ensuring that software is distributed with a minimum number of flaws, it refers to Quality Assurance, abbreviated as QA, as an essential component of any software development life cycle, or SDLC. However, performance testing, on the other hand, guarantees that the software will execute faultlessly in terms of its responsiveness and stability under a certain workload.

The following are some key distinctions between quality assurance (QA) testing and performance testing that should make it easier to avoid getting the two terms mixed up.

  • Quality assurance: Quality assurance, often known as QA, refers to the process of certifying whether or not a piece of software satisfies the needs of a particular business. Making certain that the final software product’s quality is up to standard is a crucial step in the development process. There are some standard methods that quality assurance organizations put up for the purpose of guaranteeing that the product’s quality is maintained. This assists in quality assurance outsourcing by offering consistent results. As a consequence of this, the software QA firm is in a position to guarantee that its development and production procedures are in a position to achieve the intended outcomes by meeting certain quality standards.

In other words, quality assurance entails participating in all of the activities that assure standards and processes and checks to see whether the software satisfies particular quality standards before it is made available to real users.

  • Performance testing: Performance testing as a service is a testing process that is carried out to discover how a system or software will perform in terms of responsiveness and stability when subjected to a certain workload. In contrast to quality assurance testing, performance testing is mainly concerned with the “How” than the “What.” how a piece of software or program will behave in response to certain inputs. How the program will be able to recover itself once it has crashed in the event that the system threshold level is exceeded.

The primary goals of performance testing are to determine: 

  • The amount of time it takes for an application or piece of software to respond to requests from many users at the same time
  • The upper threshold of application or the greatest load an application can survive Capacity of the application to handle the maximum number of transactions Upper threshold of application or the maximum load an application can survive
  • The dependability of an application – The amount of time it will take for consumers to get a response

You might claim that performance testing is a subset of quality assurance since it can simply be deduced from the information presented above that performance testing is now an integral component of quality assurance (QA). In addition, for a successful software release, performance testing is essential in addition to quality assurance testing in its own right.

Sum up

Both are necessary for success, yet neither one is superior to the other.

The purpose of quality assurance testing, or testing against functional requirements, is to demonstrate that your software is capable of doing the tasks for which it was designed.

The purpose of performance testing is to provide evidence that your application meets all of its performance criteria, often known as non-functional requirements.

Initially, a software development project will go through quality assurance testing, and only once all of those tests have been passed will the project go on to performance testing.

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