Why does content marketing work?

Content marketing work

To put it really succinctly, content marketing services works because it is focussed on building trust of the consumer first and then slowly nudging the lead down the sales funnel. By the time, the lead is at the bottom of the sales funnel, there is already a relationship built with the brand. As opposed to traditional marketing, content marketing does not push a buyer to just buy. It works by providing answers to what a reader wants to know at various stages of the buyer’s journey – Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. When you have a foolproof content marketing strategy in hand, it keeps your target audience engaged and helps you achieve your desired marketing goal.  In fact, 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing to reach customers while 86% of B2C marketers believe content marketing is a fundamental strategy. So how does content marketing actually work and how can you embrace it for your business? All this and more coming right up. Read on to know more! 

What Is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a strategic marketing technique that involves the creation, and distribution of content in a way that it enables meaningful user action. Every content is created based on the buyer’s journey, and with the intent of moving the lead down the sales funnel. Every content piece is created to help the user with some kind of information or takeaway that will enable him or her to do something better. Content created can be in the form of blogs, articles, social media posts, infographics, videos, listicles, whitepapers, case studies, interactive content. Content Marketing, although extremely popular in today’s day and age, has actually been around for ages. Did you know that business owners applied content marketing techniques to grow even in the 19th Century. If you are still confused about whether content marketing works, we give you the reasons why it does. Here you go.

Why Does Content Marketing Work? 

Here are a few reasons why content marketing services work so well.

Trust and Credibility

Content marketing has been around for a long time. And today, companies both big and small have used content marketing to achieve their business goals. In fact, about 70% of content marketers say that they are currently investing in the best content marketing services. This is because content marketing creates a sense of trust and credibility for a business amongst its consumer base.  In today’s day and age, buyers don’t rely on salespersons as they used to. Instead, they rely on online research. When you provide all the basic answers and offer all the necessary insights, the chances of the buyer choosing your brand dramatically go up as you are able to prove your credibility with the right content. Remember to always curate valuable content. Never create content for the sake of it as this can backfire. 

Your Audience Will Stay Longer 

As a business, you want your audience to stay a little longer on your website. The more they browse, the chances of them buying your product or service go up. So, content is a vital asset, which when created to provide positive and relevant experiences will ensure your consumers come back for more. If you want to capture your consumer’s attention, content is what you need. Always create content that will resonate with your target audience, otherwise, even the best piece will not generate the desired results. 

Trackable Goals 

The best part about content marketing is that its results are measurable. How much traffic did a content piece generate? How much conversion happened from your blogs? How much engagement happened on your whitepaper campaign? How many leads did you finally drive at the end of the month, from which page? All of this shows whether your content is actually producing results. In fact, when you keep a track of all the metrics regularly, it can also help you make the necessary tweaks in the content so you are able to meet your set goals.  Always set a goal and key performance indicators for your online content marketing services. This will help you pulse your progress. 

Better Social Media Engagement 

Let’s go back to point number one here. So, imagine a scenario where you visit a social media page with a huge following. What’s the first thought you will get? Most probably, you will think that they must have some great stuff and browse around. But, when you click on their posts, you notice that the traction is too low. What happens? A sort of distrust takes place and you are most probably going to move on to another brand. When there is a balance between engagement and the number of followers, your traction automatically goes up. Always come up with quality content on all your social media pages, which is both catchy and visually attractive. Because 45% of marketers are already using infographics while 38% plan to leverage it for the first time in 2022 as it works!

It Improves Conversion 

Content marketing targets only your targeted audience. It also attracts buyers who are interested in knowing more about your brand, or intend to buy from you. Since content marketing is inbound marketing (it attracts your buyer and does not push them to your brand) the quality of leads are good and hence your chances of conversion is much higher. When you engage content marketing professional services, you are bound to see an uptick in traffic to lead ratio. Think back to all the brands you follow on social media. There is a reason why they were able to hook you and that’s because of their content. Maybe it provides you the daily dose of humor you need or it’s somehow adding value to your life.  Always keep your content original and value-driven.  

Heightens the Visibility 

One of the things that content marketing does is create awareness about your brand. Every buyer starts search with a query or pain point in mind. They are always looking for answers to solutions. If your content can provide the answer, the customer discovers your brand. If they already know your brand, and are comparing your services with another, they are again searching for answers. If your content can serve the right answers in that stage, they remember your brand and start including you in their preference list. Offer them more content that shows them why they should buy from you, the USP of your brand as compared to another brand, and slowly you move them towards purchase. At every stage, content marketing creates heightened visibility.  Always use the keywords the right way, where it seamlessly blends into your content. Stuffing your content with all the keywords will get you nowhere. 

Establishes you as an Authority in your Field 

Now, let’s say, you are looking for a new mattress. So, you open the search engine box and type something like ‘best mattresses for good sleep’ or something along those lines. Will you believe the top three results or go to the second page of the search engine to make a purchase? In most cases, it will be the top three results or most probably just the first page. So, why do people only believe the top results? Because ranking on top portrays you as the industry expert and people always believe the experts! Again, this takes us back to the previous point where SEO and content marketing go hand in hand.  Always create content around your expertise so you are able to offer the right insights!  Today, 82% of marketers actively use content marketing. So, it is time to embrace it because now you know why content marketing works. Make sure that you always come up with the right content marketing strategies before you invest in any content marketing campaign. The content writing agency in India will start by building the content strategy. This will help you know how is the target audience, what are the goals of marketing, what type of content should be created, who will produce it, which channels will it be distributed on, how to make the content reach more audience, and what kind of results are being achieved. 

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