10 Important Tips to Become a Cricketer

Become a Cricketer

Cricket is one of the most played sports in the world and hundreds of thousands of people dream to play for the national cricket team of their countries.

Nothing is impossible and if you choose the right path, you too can join a national cricket team no matter how difficult it seems.

However, success requires hard work and dedication. A lazy person can never be a good sportsman.

If you want to become a good cricketer, these suggestions can prove helpful to you. Let’s explore:


You must do practice for playing cricket on the ground and while doing so, make sure to follow the rules. You should be aware of all guidelines as there are certain rules to follow. Apart from just holding the bat and hitting the ball, fielding is also important.

You must be good at one thing like batting, balling, and fielding. So, you will need to practice whatever you are good at. The more you will practice, the more you will be able to become a good player.

Stay Fresh

A cricketer should stay fresh to perform well. It may require not indulging in something that can affect your mood and mental health. You might have the stress of something but when you enter the ground, make sure you do not carry that stress into the ground.

Try to learn important stress management tactics because one cannot play well if he is under mental stress. When a player actively participates in the game, he performs well. A sports person should know how to keep personal issues aside and focus on the game.

Learn Important Tactics

Cricket isn’t a game of batting or balling only but you will need to apply certain strategies too. For example, if 12 runs are required in the last 3 balls, the only option left is to hit the ball hard for a six as the ball shouldn’t be wasted on taking singles.

You will need to take the risk even if the chances are high that the fielder may catch the ball. So, you must learn to play as per the situation instead of scoring for your strengthening the personal profile only. This will help you to be a better part of a team.

Do Brisk Walk

Cricketers should be physically fit and a routine brisk walk is important. When you wake up in the morning, try to walk in a park for at least 45 minutes. You should do other exercises too like yoga and weight lifting. When you make a habit of exercise, try to practice it daily because taking breaks may waste your efforts. Trainers usually recommend walking at a place surrounded by nature like trees and grass because the environment also affects a lot. However, using a treadmill is also fine.

Sleep for 8 Hours

A perfect sleep pattern is important for everyone because it directly affects our health. When it comes to sportsmen, it’s even more important that they never compromise on their sleep cycle.

The best time is to sleep at 9:00 pm in the night and you must sleep for 8 hours. Make sure that your bed is comfortable enough for a deep sleep. Consider getting the best adjustable beds for your room that won’t affect your posture. Moreover, mattress quality is also important so be sure to read some reviews before you make a purchase.

Take Part in Tournaments

Initially, if you do not get selected in a national team, a humble beginning is beneficial. You can take part in tournaments like district level matches. These tournaments will help in growth and ultimately, the chances of getting selected in a state team will also improve. However, make sure that your coach is experienced enough to polish your skills as a team player.

Improve Your Diet

Cricketers need to stay active on the ground and for this purpose, diet matters a lot. Try to avoid junk food because it will lead to obesity and you may gain weight. Junk food does not provide energy so it would be better if you make sure to eat healthy food.

You can ask a nutritionist to provide a diet chart as they can suggest a better plan. Try to add milk, meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits to your diet plan but consume the portion as per the guidelines of nutritionists.

Learn Team Ethics

You will need to learn team ethics because a player should be a productive part of the team. You must ensure a chivalrous attitude. You will need to support the team in all cases and when you play on a city or national level, collaborative efforts are important.

You will have to listen to the team coach for ensuring success in the field. When you do practice, ask other players to join because collaborative efforts always prove great. You may need to control the anger and stay calm even if the situation is not feasible enough for you.

Avoid Alcohol

Do you know alcohol consumption can ruin your career as a player? So, if you are an alcoholic, make sure to quit it. Sometimes people prefer to drink alcohol to avoid their mental stress however it proves effective for a short time only. So, instead of getting temporary relief, you should learn stress management tips. An addicted person can never become a good player and he may not excel in his career. So, instead of getting into drugs or weed, improve your diet and always rely on organic food.

Observe How Seniors Play

A player can learn a lot if he observes his seniors know the tactics they use while playing. You should observe how seniors hold a bat and swing a ball. If you lack knowledge of something, feel free to ask your coach or seniors to guide you properly.

It is also important to do practice under a supervisor who can find flaws in your playing skills and so you would be able to correct them. In short, these suggestions can prove helpful to all cricket players.

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