The Mario Multiverse Download: Everything You Need to Know

Mario Multiverse Download

Super Mario Multiverse Download is a simple and easy-to-use editor. It allows you to create your own levels from the game and later share them with the world.

Nintendo created this game, the production was created for the Wii U, then he appeared also on the console 3DS. The game has been fully converted to the desktop version of the console version, super mario multiverse download pc, settings, and graphical processes have been adapted to the computer platform. The program was primarily designed for editing and creating new levels in the game, but it gives us a lot of fun and is very simple.

The Mario Multiverse Download

You can enter the 16 elements from the original game, which was like grass, pipes, coins, fire, water, sand, whip, star, and flower. Then the program reveals all the borders and layout, the size, and shape of the levels is stored in the database. The design of the background elements are more recognizable than on the original game, so if you were a fan, it is very easy for the user to create his design. For each level you can provide the set of elements, and the program will quickly create the level. To make your own level, you can use an interesting set of functions and the toolbox and a set of well-known tools.

Get Super Mario Maker PC Download now for free.

Mario Multiverse Download

Is the game for me?

This amazing program helps you make a great game, that is simple to use, and allows the community to play it. In the end, it lets you be free.

It comes as a platform not necessary dedicated to gaming, but it has the possibilities of changing the game for the later, the possibility to work with different ways, and is also not such a difficult task to get started.

The game doesn’t present you with big technical skills, this is important, to move forward in the Mario universe not only requires some basic skills, but also great creativity and willingness to do things that other computer games, don’t ask of the player, who is not skilled.

In addition to the great control of game, you also have the possibility to make the computer the character, if you are good with programming.

How to create a new level

1. Go to the main screen.

2. Tap the New 3D Game option.

3. Enter the name for your level. You can name it anything you want but you need to remember that every player will have it on the level list. If you haven’t marked it as a level, then it won’t be stored in the levels library.

4. Type the parameters of the level. We don’t need to go into detail here, so copy the parameters of the level from the tutorial.

5. Click Create.

6. Next, you need to assign the key to the program. It’s the same as the key is assigned to the level, so you only need to add the ID key. In this case the ID is 8 (1 – 0), 1. You can use any key, just name it the same as the ID, for example 2.

7. Click Save.

8. Now you need to change the name of the level, it needs to be the one that we assign in the key.

Level selection

When we created a new level, we had to define some preset parameters, such as action, location, speed and so on. For changing the setting of a level, there is only one interface, which you can do through the move left and right over the menu icon, or “square” or “C”. What is more, with an “x” will delete the level or disable the effect. Here is a list of key elements that determine the appearance of a level:

1. In the option are two icons:

a. Border – the basic border that fills the whole screen.

b. Door – this will be a specific door in your level.

2. The application will not show your file on the entire screen:

a. The background is white.

b. The files inside a level are not color in that part.

3. You can change the volume of the game sound by right-clicking the sound icon.


I hope that you like this kind of free level creator and that it’s going to help you a lot!

Feel free to share your opinion and questions in the comments, and if you don’t have the knowledge about the subject please feel free to ask me!

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