5 Money Making Online Games You Must Try – Here’s the Review

Money Making Online Games

Playing games is a fun activity because it can be an entertainment when you want to rest, unwind from work or other tasks.

However, did you know? In addition to being entertainment, games can also be a lucrative source of income. Regardless of your role as a streamer or gamer, there are some money making online games that can earn you money.

Report by Ideavone, here’s the 5 Money Making Online Game You Must Try:


This game was originally a money-making online game that gave prizes to its players through the search engine Swagbucks. Here, you can earn money on the things you have played online. Here you are introduced to a variety of games, such as words and arcades.

By playing this game, you can earn credits, also known as ‘Swagbucks’. You can earn money including for shopping, referring friends, surfing the internet, and much more.

You can redeem Swagbucks credits for gift cards from Amazon, coupon codes, and some other great prizes. You can also convert game credit cards into cash which can be transferred directly through your PayPal account.


Another money-making online game is Exodus3000, this game is one of the most popular types of RPG games. In this game, you will be transported to the future about 1,000 years from now. The story in this game has the concept that the earth is no longer worthy of being a proper planet after a disaster. Then, all residents are tasked with finding minerals and “Mars Dollars” (in-game currency) directly from their base.

Once you register as a member, you will receive a free Mars welcome bonus of $5,000. The exchange rate is $20 to $300,000 Martian dollars.

In this game there are three ways to collect Martian dollars: search for ruins, mine volcanoes, and attack other players. Once you reach a sufficient amount, you can withdraw it with real money. This game is very fun and has a lot of simplicity, but the most important part of this online game is that it has rewards.

Play Rummy

It is one of the most attractive online gaming sites and provides a lot of money. If you are interested and also want to earn money playing this game, then you should give it a try.

This online game is owned and operated by Innopark India Pvt Ltd., one of the largest online gaming companies in India. You can also download this game from Google Play Store and App Store. There are, some important features of this game are easy payments and services that can last all day long.


Well, this one game is one of the biggest money-making online gaming sites. Anshe Chungthe is believed to be the first person to make a net worth of over $1 million from this game. This game is known to have more than 2 million active members, each of whom interact with each other through their avatar images.

In this game, you will play a trade by buying and selling real-estate virtually. In addition, you can participate in activities such as making clothes, creating and selling content, gadgets, to performing at rock events and concerts.

Paid Game Player

The last game, Paid Game Player, is a competitive, money-making online gaming website that offers more than 25 online games that you can play. This game is casual and requires a lot of skill. Here you can compete with other players in fun games like Zuma, Bejeweled 2, and Family Feud.

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You will be given a compensation for every competition in this game that you win. Players with a higher level can enjoy more benefits in this game. However, you have to pay some money to improve the quality of your play. If your goal is to win a small amount of money while playing, you don’t need to update your account.

According to this website, more than $250,000 and other great prizes are given out every day. Apart from playing games, another interesting way to earn money on this website is to take surveys, rate games, and test their various products.

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