4 Crypto Trading Mistakes BitQT Can Eliminate


Trading in the cryptocurrency market may be challenging for newcomers, particularly those motivated to enter the market by FOMO. It is critical to research before trading in any market to understand the dangers involved.

Many newcomers to the cryptocurrency market believe that the industry’s inherent volatility will provide high returns with little effort. They’d soon find, though, that it’s also relatively easy to get burned. Instead, they employ a crypto trading robot like BitQT to help them along their trading path. Bit QT website claimed that it could win 88% of its trades, making it ideal for traders who want to avoid mistakes and earn consistently on the market.

Here are four things to avoid if you want to learn how to trade in the cryptocurrency market profitably and safely.

1. Never trade with money you can’t afford to lose.

While many people are searching for a quick method to get wealthy, many traders put money at risk that they cannot afford to lose, resulting in worse issues than before the trade. Because cryptocurrencies provide so many opportunities, many traders wind up trading more money than they can afford to lose or even taking out loans to invest in the market.

Indeed, it may appear basic sense to avoid borrowing money from institutions or family members to trade in the crypto market; yet, some traders rely solely on success stories from people who have made a fortune with Bitcoin, Ether, and altcoins.

BitQT has evolved into an efficient instrument that traders may employ for as little as $250 and still make a lot of money thanks to its high success rate of 89%. Instead of borrowing enormous sums of money, you can use the trading robot to make do with such a small amount of money and still be lucrative.

2. Making trading decisions based on emotions

It’s usual to keep up with crypto market developments, especially when everyone on Twitter is gushing about a particular cryptocurrency. However, this may eventually lead to FOMO or fear of missing out on gains. Most of the time, this is merely your emotions telling you to make a decision, which may or may not result in a desirable end.

Another type of mental FOMO is blindly following the crowd and entering a transaction after a coin has already experienced a significant increase. Experiential traders will exit deals when necessary, make their own decisions, and stick to their strategies. Greed is also a typical feeling in trading, which means that rookie traders may lose out on profitable exit positions.

Automated crypto trading could be your best buddy if you develop a strategy and stick to it. An automated crypto trading platform, such as BitQT, would allow you to define your tactics, including your entry and exit areas, as well as the prices at which you would like to earn and lose.

3. Failure to use a stop loss

While it may take time to learn how to keep your emotions in check, it is a skill that every trader should have: the ability to accept a loss and go on to the next deal.

Setting a stop-loss allows you to specify how much you are willing to lose in a trade, allowing you to control your risks even if the trade goes wrong. The bitcoin market is still volatile, and using a stop-loss order can help you avoid blowing up your account.

Setting a stop-loss order on an exchange is neither efficient nor straightforward because your capital is then locked in the stop-loss transaction, making it impossible to place take-profit orders. When you utilize BitQT automatic crypto trading system, you may set stop-loss and numerous exits, as well as take-profit orders. This idea gives you more freedom with your time because you don’t have to worry about price levels or manually enter trades when the market is unpredictable.

4. Failure to keep track of your revenues and losses

Although most traders, even beginners, regularly review their earnings and losses, verifying your balance across various accounts is tough, especially when you trade on multiple exchanges.

There are various portfolio tracking apps available that could assist you in tracking this, but there is also the hassle of having so many different programs to trade cryptocurrency.

There is a solution: BitQT,  a more straightforward method to perform everything on a single interface. The all-in-one crypto trading bot, lets you trade cryptocurrencies, place entry, take-profit, and stop-loss orders, and monitor your portfolio and positions from the same interface. BitQT allows you to trade across several accounts and monitor them all in one location, allowing you to trade while tracking your earnings and losses in one spot.


When trading, always utilize a stop-loss order as part of your risk management strategy. Understanding how much money you are willing to put at risk in a trade is critical for carrying out your ideas. Cryptocurrency trading tools and platforms, such as BitQT, can assist you in pre-planning your tactics rather than manually entering them, allowing you to keep track of your portfolio and holdings.

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