5 Easy Steps to Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

Timing is extremely important when proposing to the woman of your dreams. However, aside from all the intricacies of the occasion, there is one important thing you need to consider beforehand.

Making that first step to settling down can have a meaningful effect on your life and your family’s. However, to make the occasion more relevant, you need the perfect one from the selection of engagement rings that you would encounter during your search.

Although buying one is often tricky, there are some ways to ease the anxiety when looking for that perfect one. Whether you are scouting jewellery stores together or heading on yourself, finding the perfect ring is an easy one-two-three or a four.

Tip 1: Start by Knowing the Ideal Ring Shape Your Partner Wants 

Although rings are rings, they can come in various featurettes and ring sizes. Their decorative elements take a considerable effect on how the ring looks. Ring shape, commonly known in the jewellery industry as a “ring cut,” has different meanings and per carat pricing.

Significantly, if the ring cut means the world to your partner, you can get more when choosing alternative shapes and classic round cuts. So, before jumping from one store to another, always have an idea of the ideal ring shape your partner is more inclined to like.

Tip 2: Getting the Metal Band Right

Traditional engagement rings and wedding bands are designed of white or yellow gold or silver. However, the jewellery industry is putting alternative designs for couples to choose from. It includes non-traditional colours like rose gold and platinum, representing a fresher and more modern alternative for the younger generations.

When looking for the right metal band for your engagement ring, always tap into each other’s personalities to determine which metal band makes the perfect material. You might also want to consider your lifestyle because it factors in the metal’s life and longevity.

Tip 3: Know How Much You Can Actually Afford on the Stone

The jewellery industry has an age-old question about quality and quantity when it comes to engagement rings. Some couples prefer getting bigger stones, while others want their diamonds with better clarity and colour value.

A ring’s stone probably takes the most significant amount of your overall spending because it’s what gives life to the whole ensemble. By now, you would have at least had an idea of your future partner’s personality to understand their wants. The stone size might be the starting point of your search because it significantly affects the engagement ring price.

Tip 4: Get the Measurements Right

Measurement might be the most obvious consideration you need to make when making an engagement ring purchase. Getting the ring size right means having a creative way of knowing your partner’s finger ring measurement without dropping a hint of your motive.

Understandably, you don’t want to purchase something that is either loose or constricting. If you are the only one shopping for the engagement ring, you might want to engage with the help of your partner’s friends to know their ring finger size.

Tip 5: Always Buy from Trusted Jewellery Shops

Buying an engagement ring is probably one among the most expensive purchases you’ll make in your life. However, being smart in your decisions and purchasing your jewelry from trusted dealers is always right.

When buying online, only trust stores with a showroom and proven history of designing quality diamond cuts. There are many trusted brands like Diamonds Factory in jewellery design and creation with a business portfolio spanning four generations of the family brand.

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