Why is Sunless Tanning the New Thing!

Sunless Tanning

In the early days, tanning involved prolonged exposure to the sun involving waiting for sunny days, and spending hours and hours languishing by the beachside or perhaps the poolside! Gone are those days! The tan-obsessed generation of today is always in a rush! They do not have hours at their disposal! Smart solutions are sought for quick and easy results. And this is the reason why tanning salons offering sunless tans have become so very popular.

The Many Benefits of Sunless Tanning

  1. You can control exposure to UV Rays: When you are baking your skin in the open hot sun for working up that coveted tan, you have no control over the spectrum of UV rays you are exposing your skin to. There will be a mix of UV (A) and UV (B) rays that will be impacting your skin. Also, you will require prolonged exposure for desired results and benefits. When you choose sunless tanning, you can pick a bed that does not emit UV (A) rays since they are more harmful. In addition, you can also choose shorter sessions owing to the high concentration of rays emitted by these beds. Gaps in between sessions can also be lengthened suitably to reduce UV exposure.
  2. Excessive Skin Dryness can Be Avoided: With sun tanning, your skin is actually being toasted under prolonged scorching sunlight. And when you are exposing your skin for developing a tan, you will not be applying sunscreen or moisturizers either! This can make your skin dry and flaky. Sunless tanning will not require such prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation. So, if you have prepped your skin properly with intense moisturizing and exfoliating, your skin will not dry out excessively.
  3. You can save yourself from Heat Strokes: Sitting around in the hot sun may not be a simple feat for many reasons. With the merciless rays beating down on you, heat strokes can become a possibility! Also, excessive sweating owing to heat exposure can lead to dehydration and tiredness. Overall, risking your health for working up a tan may not be all that advisable. When you opt for a salon offering “sunless tanning near me“, you enjoy working up a tan in an air-conditioned environment without having to worry about heat exposure and dehydration.
  4. There is no need to wait for the Sunny Season: Waiting for the sunny season for working up a tan may be one of the most bizarre things to do. You may have a party to attend or an event to take part in. Waiting for the sun to rising and shine may seem like a silly thing to do. This is when a Boca Raton tanning salon comes in handy. You can head straight to one such facility and start with your sessions right away. Remember, to plan a little in advance. You will need multiple sessions for working up that tan you yearned for.

Factoring in the cost incurred for attending multiple tanning sessions should be taken into account before embarking upon a tanning schedule.

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