5 Steps To Restoring Old Trucks

Truck restoration refers to restoring a truck to its original state through remodeling, repairing, and replacing damaged parts. A truck may be restored for several reasons including the owner wanting to be able to drive it safely, or for showcasing the truck in an automobile show, among others. If you are hoping to restore your truck, irrespective of whether it is a vintage or a modern one, find below five steps defining how to do it: 

Conduct research

Before you begin the restoration process, you should conduct research into the interior and mechanics of your truck. Figure out the parts that need to be fixed, and make of list of the items you need to procure. Check the interior for any damages and any mold removal that you may have to invest in. By making a list of the things you need to do you would be able to determine whether this is a full or semi restoration project which would help you plan out a budget.

Remove parts to expose the frame

Once you have created a list of what needs to be done, remove parts to expose the frame of your truck. You need to be doing this in an open floor garage where you have plenty of space to place all your tools in front of you, and can also organize the acquired parts of the truck. Take off the glass and doors from the truck carefully, ensuring that you do not damage the trim in any way. Once you have removed all the parts be sure to carefully place all screws and bolts in a container.

Fix all damages and dents

Once you have taken everything apart, inspect all pieces for dents and damages. You may be able to handle some of the damages yourself depending upon the extent of it. You may also be able to pop out minor dents yourself using a DIY kit. Older trucks usually have damaged seats, hence be sure to check if your truck seats need to be reupholstered or replaced altogether.

Fix the truck bed and transmission 

Over time truck beds tend to a lot of dirt and rust and cleaning it is a crucial part of the truck’s restoration process. You would essentially have to eliminate all rusty pieces and replace them while also subjecting them to a treatment that inhibits the future growth of rust. If you are hoping to run your truck and use it, you may also have to spend time updating its transmission. This job is best left to professionals because it could be a serious safety hazard if not handled correctly.

Put everything in place and repaint

Once you have completed the above four standard steps and made any additional necessary changes, it is finally time to put everything back into place and reassemble your truck.  Once that is done, you may sand your truck, layer a primer, and then repaint it to reveal a brand new vehicle altogether.


Fixing an old truck by yourself may seem like a difficult task, however, with the right tools and guidance you can transform your old truck into a brand new shiny one in no time.

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