Creating SDTM domains with SAS: A guide for Clinical SAS Programmers

Clinical SAS Programmers

Do you have a ambition to grow in the IT world, SDTM domains are one of the most useful domain types as it helps organisations follow consistent standards. SDTM provides a stabilised set of data which for study and data exchange across all channels.

Studying SDTM domains with SAS is something you’re looking for then IGCP Analytics is a clinical SAS training in Hyderabad which provides students with complete training of topics related to SAS.

What Is SAS: Statistical Analysis Software can help you grow in the world of (IT) Information Technology. SAS software is used in more than 100+ countries around the world to solve various complex businesses problems through study of statistical data.

The SAS itself is a package of command driven software which is used to analysis of statistical data in a visualised form. SAS is a software which is used in a wide range of businesses, organisations and industries. It’s most commonly used on the Windows Operating system. SAS software standards help in proper data collection and analysis, providing quality measures for you to improve the performance of your business, industry or organisation as well as boost employee productivity and aim your business to get better profits.

The SAS Software consists of the following features:

  1. Data Encryption: SAS data encryption provides protection to the SAS data by disk data encryption. The advanced encryption standard (AES) is trusted by many organisations using keys of 256 bits it’s a heavy encryption software, 40 bits and 128 bits of encryption are also preferred.
  2. SAS Management Console: The management console SAS system helps the user to manage job schedules, repository, metadata, user groups, library definitions and much more control over the domain.
  3. SAS Studio: The SAS studio helps you develop web applications for SAS with the help of or through your web browser, SAS studio can also be used to develop SAS code.

Statistical business Analysist

 A statistical business analysist helps businesses solve complex problems, with his ability to make the use of SAS\STAT software. Various stats and analysis data has to be taken into consideration to prepare business modules and measure module performance for business growth.

Best SAS Training In Hyderabad

Looking for a clinical SAS training program in Hyderabad, IGCP clinical SAS training course helps students master the art of SAS, coding and domains. IGCP provides learners with customised software which provide graphical visuals of data which help learners understand the concept of SAS better.

We use teach students a wide range of SAS languages which helps our students learn and master the analytics and advanced statistical techniques which are related to SAS programming and language.

IGCP also provides SAS training online in Hyderabad at affordable prices to students. In our SAS training online in Hyderabad we provide lab sessions, live sessions, real projects and assignments, Live case studies and thus help to develop a strong base starting their SAS career.


IGCP is the leading SAS program for students, with our clinical sas training in Hyderabad.

We also provide sas training online in Hyderabad with a options of SAS basic course and SAS advanced course for students.

After completion of the SAS program, we provide students with real time projects which gives them exposure to the real challenges to be faced in future.  After completion of the given project we analyse the project performance and finally issue the certification to the students.

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