Does McDonalds Take Apple Pay?

Does McDonalds Take Apple Pay

McDonald’s has been known for its inexpensive value meals. However, if you are a regular customer and a foodie, you might have noticed that the chain has been lowering its prices as of late. This is because the company is trying to meet the changing consumer demand. To attract customers and keep them coming back for more, McDonald’s is experimenting with different value meals and snack options. Taking advantage of the fast-food industry’s digital transformation, McDonald’s is now making value meals and snack options more accessible to customers. What is more, the fast-food giant has also started accepting digital payments. With the sudden influx of new payment options, it’s no wonder that McDonald’s and other fast-food chains are getting the most out of these changes. Let’s take a look at Does McDonalds Take Apple Pay?

McDonald’s is experimenting with new value meals

Although the fast-food giant has been adding more healthy options to its menu, McDonald’s is still known for its value meals. The golden arches has started experimenting with new value meals, trying new combinations of sandwiches and wraps. For example, McDonald’s has partnered with BKR Bakery to create Sweet and Salty BKR sandwiches. The new sweet-and-salty sandwiches are made with a BKR Bakery roll and come with everything from bacon egg cheese to turkey breast, all of which come in two sizes – small and large. Similarly, the McChicken sandwich is now available with a new barbecue option. With the new value meals, McDonald’s is not just trying to attract new customers but also keep the current ones.

McDonald’s is testing out new rewards program

McDonald’s has been testing new loyalty programs, trying to either keep up with the times or simply meet the demand of its customers. The fast-food giant is currently trialing a new rewards program called “Create Your Taste,” which lets customers customize their orders. For instance, you can have a Create Your Taste with MacFries, a McPineapple, and a Medium drink for just $5.99. The test is currently available in three US cities – Los Angeles, Chicago, and New Orleans. The trial has many benefits, including reducing the time and effort it takes to eat at McDonald’s, as well as increasing the chances of customers sticking to healthy and balanced diets.

Does McDonalds Take Apple Pay

Does McDonalds Take Apple Pay?

Another sign that McDonald’s is pushing the digital transformation is its acceptance of Apple Pay. The fast-food giant has been accepting Apple Pay in select markets, including Southern California, Chicago, the DC area, and St. Louis. The acceptance of Apple Pay comes after the company partnered Apple to launch mobile order and pay. The partnership with Apple gives customers the opportunity to order food and pay for it using their smartphones. With Apple Pay, customers can order their food and simply wave their iPhones near the register to pay for their orders. It’s not a surprise that McDonald’s is getting behind Apple Pay, though. With the digital transformation and Apple Pay’s popularity, it’s no wonder that McDonald’s is ahead of the game. Apple Pay is not the only payment platform that McDonald’s is accepting. The company also recently started accepting Android Pay, PayPal, and Visa cards.

McDonald’s has launched self-order kiosks

After adding Apple Pay to its digital transformation, McDonald’s has also been expanding its self-order kiosk network. The fast-food giant has been installing its self-order kiosks in more than 15,000 locations nationwide. The company is looking to push its digital transformation by making ordering food through kiosks more convenient. Now, you don’t even need to walk up to a counter to place your order. Simply pick up a device at the kiosk and make your order. The company is also looking to boost sales by offering its Happy Meal and kids’ meal discounts through the kiosks. However, it’s not just kids’ meal discounts that the kiosks are offering. McDonald’s is looking to boost sales by offering gift cards and free meals through its kiosks.

McDonald’s has launched a digital menu so customers can order online

It is also looking to meet the changing consumer demand by boosting its online sales. The company is looking to boost online sales by carrying out various digital marketing campaigns, including the launch of a digital menu. The digital menu is currently only available in two US markets – Chicago and Los Angeles. The digital menu makes it easier for customers to order their meals online. The menu also shows pictures of each item, including ingredients, nutritional value, and price. The digital menu is not just for ordering food. The digital menu can also be used to track orders, cancel orders, and even make gift cards.

Wrapping up: Does McDonalds Take Apple Pay?

McDonald’s has definitely made a lot of changes to meet the demand of its customers. From accepting Apple Pay and launching a digital menu, McDonald’s is making it easier for customers to eat there. The Golden Arches also wants to boost sales by offering discounts, offering kids’ meals, and launching self-order kiosks. These are just a few of the ways that McDonald’s is trying to boost sales with the digital transformation. While the company is considering adding Apple Pay support to mobile orders, it’s not yet accepting Apple Pay at the register. As for whether or not it will start accepting Apple Pay in-store payments, we’ll just have to wait and see over the next couple of years.

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