ECA Full Form – What Is ECA Full Form?

ECA Full Form

The ECA Full Form is “Educational credential assessment“, “Economic Commission for Africa“, “Europe and Central Asia” and “Educational and Cultural Affairs“. Apart from these, ECA has many other full forms listed below.

Educational credential assessment – It is a process to verify the educational degree in Canada. Foreign degree, diploma and certificate validity is checked through ECA. It can also be used for the purpose of immigration.

Mainly ECA stands for “Educational credential assessment“, and “Europe and Central Asia“.

ECA Full Form

All ECA Full Forms with Hindi Meanings

Educational credential assessmentशैक्षिक क्रेडेंशियल मूल्यांकन
Economic Commission for Africaअफ्रीका के लिए आर्थिक आयोग
Europe and Central Asiaयूरोप और मध्य एशिया
Educational and Cultural Affairsशैक्षिक और सांस्कृतिक मामले
Export Credit Agencyनिर्यात ऋण एजेंसी
European Court of Auditorsलेखा परीक्षकों के यूरोपीय न्यायालय
Economic Cooperation Administrationआर्थिक सहयोग प्रशासन
Extra-Curricular Activityपाठ्येतर गतिविधि

In the above table you must have seen all Full Forms of ECA in Hindi Meaning. Now we are going to discuss some more useful information which is frequently asked by you.

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Frequently Asked Question for ECA

1. What does ECA stands for?

Answer: The ECA stands for “Educational credential assessment“, “Economic Commission for Africa“, “Europe and Central Asia“.

2. What is the Full Form of ECA?

Answer: The full forms of ECA is “Educational credential assessment“, “Educational and Cultural Affairs” and “Europe and Central Asia“.

3. What is ECA Full Form in Education?

The ECA Full Form in Education is “Educational credential assessment“.


So if I conclude every word has different meaning. Finally we can conclude by saying that most used full forms of ECA are “Educational credential assessment“, “Europe and Central Asia“, “Economic Commission for Africa” and “Educational and Cultural Affairs“.

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