Everything you need to know about DevSecOps!


Security becomes necessary when you are dealing with something that can cause damage if left unprotected. Software development is a vital process that aims at creating the best software that can help in operating the systems without causing any technical failure or fault. It constitutes various steps like integration & testing of the software and then implementing and delivering it. During all these processes it becomes important to ensure safety and security, otherwise, the result may be different from what you expected.

 This is where the concept of DevSecOps comes to play, it creates an integration between the development and operation functions by ensuring optimum security in both of them. In case you come across any kind of security issue, you can quickly fix it because it is quite cheap and time-saving. It’s better to diagnose the issue as soon as it occurs, because the rate of damage may increase due to any kind of delay. Following are some of the practices that can be associated with DevSecOps:

  • Conduct security tests from the beginning: To eliminate any kind of serious issue in the future, it’s always better to do security checks at beginning of the software development process. It helps you by giving the knowledge about every security issue that can create a problem. Therefore you should always look forward to Employing all your cyber security experts right from the beginning and letting them check all the issues that are faced during the whole process. As soon as a security gap is identified, it should be looked after and fixed at the right time.
  • Be clear about your security needs: Being an app development company it becomes important to have a high level of security at each level of your operations, and you should be clear with what kind of people you need to work on your security system, what kind of practices will they undertake and what kind of documents are required to complete the whole process. You should select the best technicians, project managers, and engineers to build the right security system. The overall process should be completely monitored and appropriate feedback should be given at the right time.
  • Make sure your team values your security: The right team will always work towards the betterment of the organization, and it should be considered as an essential element in the security testing process. Each member of the team should have a goal of achieving a high level of security and they should design effective strategies to come up with the best security solutions for any kind of threats and vulnerabilities being faced during the software development process. It becomes the responsibility of the developers to write a code that is eliminated from errors and at the same time is fully secure for the software. Once they get it right, they can get it verified by their leaders and implement it.

All the above points highlight how the best DevSecOps Best Practices can help you in developing the best software without compromising on any kind of quality results.

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