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The Home Design Institute, Paris is a great fit for our home design needs and we’ve been happy with the results. We’ve worked with other interior designers before, but this is definitely the best one. The team here has created some beautiful designs, and we recommend them to anyone looking for home design solutions.

The Home Design Institute (HDI) is the premier source for all types of home design resources. Their objective is to provide their customers with a huge selection of home and garden fixtures and furnishings at very affordable prices.

Home Design Institute

At the Home Design Institute, we offer one-of-a-kind home design courses from architects, designers, and professors from some of Europe’s top design schools. Our goal is to offer a wide range of courses that cover many different aspects of interior design and architecture, from learning how to use Photoshop to create an entire home from scratch.

If you’re looking for a home design course, look no further! Whether you’re new to the world of home design or you’ve been doing it for years, we have something for everyone.

Takeaway: Home Design Institute is a great place to learn about home design in Paris.

Home Design Institute is a great place to learn about home design in Paris. We offer classes that are led by highly trained individuals who have many years of experience in the industry.

Why should you choose Home Design Institute?

We believe that all of our students should be able to learn in an environment where they feel comfortable and relaxed. Our school is dedicated to creating a safe space for both students and teachers. This is why we have created a place where people can come together to learn more about home design in Paris.

What can you expect from Home Design Institute?

At Home Design Institute, we believe that everyone has the ability to learn more about home design in Paris. Our classes are designed so that each student can reach their full potential. We offer a wide range of different classes that you can choose from, including:

 Choose Your Course at Home Design Institute

The Home Design Institute has been training students throughout Australia and New Zealand since 1997, and currently offers 3 courses: Interior Decorating, Interiors Styling, and Professional Organising. All courses are delivered via correspondence.

Interior Decorating – Become an Interior Decorator

Interior decorating is a creative career that is functional, rewarding, and profitable. You can bring your unique perspective to the design of people’s homes and workplaces. You will gain the confidence to start your own business and have control over your own destiny.

Interiors Styling – Become an Interiors Stylist

Interiors Styling is a very exciting career that can offer you many opportunities in the world of interior decorating. You will be able to work on home magazines and TV shows as a set stylist, create amazing photoshoots for catalogs or work with real estate agents styling homes for sale.

Professional Organising – Become a Professional Organiser

When we are surrounded by clutter it can cause stress, frustration, and anxiety but how do you find the time to sort through everything? If this is something you struggle with, then becoming a professional organizer may be the perfect career change for you.

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