Hair Loss Stages

Hair loss or thinning hair is an important concern especially for men. There is a specific pattern for following the process and deciding when to take action before going completely bald. It is a pattern which contains 7 stages accepted universally by doctors. To discover how or when to prevent and reverse baldness, it is a good idea to examime the stages.

Stage 1

The experts identify this stage as “the controlling” stage. In this phase of hair loss, people have a good amount of hair, nearly no symptoms of thinning or a receding hairline. Sometimes there is light thinning around the temple and forehead.

Stage 2

Receding hairline is noticeable in this stage. The thinning of the forehead is also recognizable. There would be an m-shaped figure on the forehead. As an early sign of balding this could be defined as front baldness or crown thinning according to the pattern.

Stage 3

Balding process becomes evident in this stage. Forehead may have the form of M, U or V shapes. In this stage thinning gets the name of “widow’s peak”

Stage 3 Vertex

In this phase, the crown area is on the noticeable thinning stage. Bald stops are visible and the thinning process may already turn into falling process.

Stage 4

When it comes to stage 4, the hair receding goes further and the U-form is more visible when someone looks above. With that, there is still hair growth around the bald spots.

Stage 5

As the following part of the stage 4, in stage 5 the balding goes faster and further, it can be seen at the back of the scalp too.

Stage 6

Hair falling turns into balding in this process. It is common to see a thin ring of hair around the head. It is possible to still have growing hair at sides or the back of the head scalp. On the other hand the front side and the crown of the head would be mostly bald during this stage.

Stage 7

With the 7th and the last stage it is possible to say that the person lost a good amount of their hair. There may still be a thin hair ring around the head but the temples, forehead or both sides have lost most of the hair.

How to Treat After Stage 7?

Treating hair fall after stage 7 may sound a little bit confusing for people. But it is possible to grow the thinning hair or getting back the smooth hairline. With hair transplantation it is achievable to transfer hair follicles to the balding areas and have the desired look back.

Hair transplantation in Turkey is applied with low-prices and with very successful techniques. Erdem Clinic ‘s professional and helpful medical staff is ready to enthusiastically guide you during your new hair journey.

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