How to Sell on Amazon: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Sell on Amazon: A Beginner’s Guide

Starting a business can be a bit chaotic, especially with the pandemic these days. One struggles to decide what business they should do when there are so many opportunities but limited time to spend.

However, the good news is, this pandemic has normalized online business for thousands of people. Online business is ideal for people who like having the freedom of working from home with a flexible schedule. E-commerce platforms have grown over the years, and Amazon is one of them.

I’m sure a lot of you spend most of your time scrolling through Amazon’s website. I mean, those packages delivered outside your doors do not appear magically every other day. But have you ever given a thought to running your own store, that too on Amazon? 

If yes, then read on to learn everything one should know before starting a business on Amazon. 

How business on Amazon really works?

Even though most e-commerce platforms run in a somewhat similar way, it is wise to learn the basics beforehand. Below we have cut down a few points for your better understanding of how business on Amazon works.

Register the business? A common question

The simplest yet common question asked around is if working on Amazon requires you to register your business. The answer is NO. Amazon allows anyone and everyone to work on it. You only need to sign up on its website.

However, Amazon requires some personal information for valid and safe reasons to create an account. Keep your government ID, a chargeable credit card, and tax information whilst creating an account on Amazon. Once you have given all this information, your account should get approved by Amazon.

Put on products for sale.

Once your account is created, you are ready to put your products to sell. 

For some people, this step might be a little exhausting as to what product should go up at what time. Thus, Amazon has made it easier for you with its coaching service.

With Amazon fba coaching, you get personalized recommendations on what product you should sell based on customers’ requirements and competition. It gives you massive guidance on how you can maximize your sales. 

Seller plan

Amazon offers both individual and professional seller plans. It is up to you to choose from. But there is a difference between both plans. An individual plan is generally free of cost so that you can get started right away. However, your account will be limited to some stuff.

On the other hand, the professional account charges the user. You will need to pay about $39.99 per month to run your account.

A community for sellers

We understand that starting a business on Amazon can be a little overwhelming. One craves the support of fellow workers as they are on the same journey. Amazon offers seller support to send in your queries and get answers. 

Amazon FBA fees

Since Amazon stores, ships, and packs your products, it charges some. Amazon FBA fees prices may also depend on other factors like the product’s weight or the size of the product. 

Amazon fba labels

We are all familiar with Amazon boxes by now. Brown packaging box with an Amazon logo and a label pasted on it. But do you know what the label is? On each package, there is a fba label with barcodes on it. These amazon fba labels require you to put product name, product condition and fnsku on it. 


With each product, the Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit is generated. Whenever you add a new product to your amazon system, amazon receives its fnsku. These amazon fnsku are unique to each product and seller as well. Moreover, it helps to create a standardized system in all amazon warehouses for further ease. 

Ship to Amazon fba

Amazon gives its seller an option to ship directly to amazon’s warehouses before they go to amazon itself. 

But the question is, why would someone want to go through the process of sending stuff back and forth? If you would like to check and test your products directly, this option works great for you. 

Shipping to amazon fba can be difficult for newbie sellers. But don’t let your hesitation hold you back from experimenting with this option. 


You can thrive your business on amazon because it has many benefits for you. Once you have learned all the basics listed above, you are all set. You do not need a warehouse to keep all your products. Amazon already has one where it stores, packs, and ships your products safely to the buyers. Chances of your business expanding are very high because amazon is a well-known website that has been around for years. Make sure you get good reviews for a better and quick sell.

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