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Intranet portals are created to display role-specific landing pages that help reshape the way employees and organizations work.

More and more companies are relying on the benefits that developing a SharePoint intranet portal can bring. It provides greater connectivity and streamlines the organization’s key communication by delivering the right message at the right level at the right time.

Al Rafay Consulting is a well experienced SharePoint development service provider. We help create unique, innovative, and collaborative SharePoint intranet portals for organizations of various sizes. Our expert developers can create unique and scalable intranet portals that improve your business processes and streamline data, documentation, and key messages.

We have vast experience of experience managing many different types of SharePoint projects. We can help develop a highly flexible and powerful intranet portal either through the Cloud, on-premises (customer premises), or a hybrid of both depending on requirements.

Our consistent approach makes us the preferred choice:

It is very important that any intranet portal development company uses a tried and true approach to creating the portal. Like any product development task, we at Al Rafay Consulting take an agile approach to building a SharePoint development of intranet portal. We integrate feedback from front end-users and key stakeholders to fully understand the main features and functions required.

From their feedback, we develop solutions that not only meet those exact organizational needs but also help them operate smoothly and efficiently across various processes.

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Benefits of using a SharePoint intranet portal

SharePoint Development of intranet portal offers many benefits. It helps organizations collaborate faster and more efficiently, ensuring that employees and teams are well informed about various important events and documents.

 Maximum employee interaction: The flow of information and communication between all employees and teams is crucial for the smooth operation of companies. Along with HR tracking, reporting, and LMS, intranet portals help introduce feedback systems, and employee recognition, and encourage more interaction between employees.

 Task Monitoring: Not only employees can share their knowledge, but administrators and managers can also monitor the tasks that are assigned to those who have to perform them. This streamlined communication and visibility of progress and results help companies make informed and timely decisions.

 Simple User Interface: The user interface of an application should be very intuitive and easy to use. A SharePoint intranet portal enables the creation of a clear design for the portal helping to improve critical processes while engaging users and improving collaboration across the many different environments teams working in these days.

 Share announcements: With a SharePoint intranet portal, key stakeholders and communicators can easily address all teams and employees about the company, its performance, and its critical goals in a simple and effective way. The portal allows the organization to share announcements directly with each and every member and receive information easily through the portal.

 Knowledge sharing: Knowledge sharing is one of the most important benefits of a SharePoint intranet portal. The Sharepoint consulting services providers make you enable to use it extensively to share knowledge across all teams and members of the company and boost their productivity and performance.

In addition, the modern SharePoint platform offers a new dimension for your intranet through technology such as mixed reality – SharePoint Spaces. In this immersive environment, users can view and interact with their content in 3D, and visualize and manipulate data and product models in real time, opening up new opportunities for communication, collaboration, and employee training in your organization.


When Implementing a SharePoint intranet one can face unexpected technical difficulties. Sometimes personal approach does not fulfill the required development needs so a high-level customization of the portal with the help of professional Microsoft consulting firm and best services providers and developers such as Al Rafay Consulting can help you to overcome both psychological and technical barriers. With extra effort, your portal can be turned into a welcome tool that facilitates collaboration between departments, promotes internal communication, and streamlines business processes.

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