Serverwala VPS Server Review – Leading Web Hosting Provider in Japan

Serverwala VPS Server Review - Leading Web Hosting Provider in Japan

You have found the right place if you are seeking a reliable, flexible, and affordable web hosting solution for your website. Here we will introduce you to VPS Hosting Japan that has gained popularity in the past few years. More and more users are switching to virtual private servers in order to enhance their websites. 

According to Global Data, the eCommerce Market in Japan will achieve an estimated sales of US$217.5bn in 2021 and is expected to rise up to US$273.4bn by 2025. It implies excellent growth opportunities for online businesses in Japan in the coming future. 

However, to acquire the complete value of the VPS Server Japan while hosting your website, you need to purchase it from the right hosting company. Thus, in this article, we will also be highlighting the Best Japan VPS Hosting Provider – Serverwala. But before we discuss anything, let us find out how virtual private server hosting is different and more preferable than other popular web hosting services. TheTechBoy

How is VPS Hosting Japan Different from Other Hosting Services? 

How is VPS Hosting Japan Different from Other Hosting Services? 

The most common and extreme hosting solutions you can find in the industry are shared and dedicated servers. With the progress in virtualization technology, the VPS hosting in Japan has made its popular plan between them. Like shared server hosting, it permits you to share the physical server with other users to reduce the cost of website hosting. At the same time, the virtual private server renders the independent and, private hosting platform like the dedicated server enables. Thus, you become capable of acquiring the following principal benefits and rights with the virtual private server hosting Japan – 

  • Independent and dedicated resources
  • Higher control over the server
  • Better security
  • Configuration and customization power
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Highest uptime and least downtime
  • Better flexibility

What Should You Consider Before Buying VPS Hosting Plans in Japan? 

What Should You Consider Before Buying VPS Hosting Plans in Japan? 

While you pick any VPS hosting Japan plan for your website, consider the below points first – 

  • Decide whether you need to opt for a managed or unmanaged hosting plan
  • Examine your resources’ requirements 
  • Ensure that your hosting company renders an SSL certificate
  • Make sure to acquire the regular backup feature
  • Confirm whether your hosting company provides round-the-clock technical assistance from the certified professionals 
  • Check whether you will be able to upgrade your virtual private hosting plan easily with the hosting company or not. 

Why Serverwala is the Best VPS Hosting Provider in Japan? 

Why Serverwala is the Best VPS Hosting Provider in Japan? 

Let us brief about the Serverwala hosting company that we have mentioned in the very beginning. Serverwala is the top-leading and highly renowned organization for providing the best VPS Server Japan services at the cheapest costs. The company intends to fulfil all its clients’ data center services demands. Along with providing security-as-a-service, the company enables your website to deliver an excellent end-user experience. Peep into the subsequent segments to know the plans and features of the company’s VPS hosting in Japan.

Serverwala: Plans & Packages of Cheap VPS Hosting in Japan 

Serverwala: Plans & Packages of Cheap VPS Hosting in Japan 

Serverwala Best Web Hosting Company offers the cheapest plans and packages of the VPS hosting Japan. You will gain high reliability and intensified performance of your website with each plan. You will have a self-service portal that provides complete control panel features in order to easily implement various operations and routine activities simultaneously. Moreover, you will also have technical support 24/7 from the company’s experts. They will always be ready to provide prompt responses and easy solutions.  

Top Features of VPS Hosting in Japan 

Top Features of VPS Hosting in Japan 

Full Root Access

The company will let you have full root access to your Japan VPS. With this, you will get the full freedom to run and handle your virtual private server in your own way without any limitations. You will be able to install and run the compatible OS, needed software, and other desired applications.

DDoS Protection

With the Serverwala VPS hosting Japan, you will have a highly compact server that is designed built with ultra-secure firewalls. This will protect your website’s data from DDoS attacks. Moreover, your system will be devised in a way that it can automatically recognize incoming security threats from the web. Also, it will possess the capability to execute high security to your data before any damage. 

1 GBPS Network Speed

Your website will acquire the extreme band of network with secure connections. Moreover, the virtual private server will render it twenty times faster connectivity and speed. The company will also ensure the most distinguished connectivity of the 1 GBPS network.

Monthly 50 TB Data Transfer

You will also obtain unlimited bandwidth with the company’s VPS hosting Japan in order to advance your website with high efficiency. The company will permit you to access up to the highest 50 TB monthly data transfer rate with all the virtual private server hosting packages or plans.

99.9% Uptime Network

Your website will obtain 99.99% uptime assurance with each virtual private hosting plan. Along with this,  the company will render supply redundant power and constant network channels. This will allow you to attain high-tech network flexibility for the optimal performance of your website. 


With the VPS hosting Japan, you will have the opportunity to easily upgrade your resources, such as bandwidth, disk space, etc. The company provides a high scalability feature that lets you upgrade resources without disturbing the performance or active operations of your website at any moment. 


For the users new to the web hosting industry, the Serverwala company is also at the forefront in rendering the fully managed VPS hosting service. With this service, you will acquire a completely managed and organized virtual private server as per your needs to host your website. Moreover, you will get an easy-to-use platform to access your hosting server. Gather more details on Serverwala VPS hosting Japan by checking out its official website right away –

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