Travel App Development: Features, Tips and Things to Consider

Travel App Development

Thanks to technology, traveling has become much easier and convenient. Considering the immense growth of businesses in the travel sector in the past few years, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy. 

One of the most effective ways for a travel company to increase its customer base is to develop a travel app. It can also help strengthen the market position of the company and increase revenues. 

However, companies that are new to the industry are not aware of where to begin and the importance that travel apps can hold for them. Let’s have a look at some tips, features and things you need to know about travel app development. 

Why are Travel Apps Important for Travel Business?

Travels are always searching for ways to make their trips and vacations easier and more comfortable. For this purpose, they tend to opt for online trip planning, ticket booking, hotel booking, and trip advisor apps. 

Travel apps not only provide convenience but are also helpful for many other reasons.  They are a great marketing tool, also they help reduce paperwork and simplify transactions. Let’s have a look at some interesting stats related to travel and tourism app development. 

  • More than 60% of mobile users make use of travel apps regularly to plan trips.   
  • 58% of travel apps are used almost monthly 
  • Travel apps are constantly among top 10 popular categories on the App Store. 
  • Nearly two thirds of travelers rely on mobile apps during trips 
  • 700 million people will be booking their hotel rooms online by 2023. 

How to Build a Travel App: 5 Essential Features 

Travel apps are usually made up of a variety of features. You can ask your travel app development company to include the features you deem necessary for your service. Below mentioned are some features that can be regarded as a must-have for almost any type of travel app. 

1. User personal area 

Every travel app should have a personal users account to allow users to easily navigate the app through a dashboard. Personal accounts also allow travelers to save information and data which allows them to easily rebook hotels, transfer payments, keep records of travel/booking history and more. 

2. Search function and filters 

A built-in search function is a feature that must be included in travel apps, especially if the app has a large amount of content in it. It saves a lot of time and hassle for the user, allowing them to quickly find whatever they are searching for, rather than getting lost in an ocean of data.  

Overall, they make the app easier and convenient to use so make sure to ask your travel app developers to include this feature in your app. 

3. Navigation and geolocation 

Maps and navigation are an essential feature for travel mobile apps. Afterall, how is the user going to travel around, find locations etc. if he/she does not have a map at hand. Apart from locating places users can also get updates regarding activities and events happening around. 

4. User feedback 

You can ask your travel app development company to include a user feedback feature in the travel app you plan to get developed. User feedback allows users to share their experience regarding their trips, the services they received and more.  

This feature also helps improve your apps conversion rate as users won’t need to look at different websites to read people’s feedback and opinions. 

5. Itinerary Generator 

Managing all operations of the itinerary is perhaps the biggest hassle for tourists. Planning where to go, where to stay and everything else related to the trip requires careful attention. Itinerary planner can save the hassle for travelers.  

Users are required to input information about their trip, such as the places they want to visit. Once done, the itinerary generator automatically generates a travel plan that suits the requirements of the user. 

How to Monetize a Travel App?

Monetizing a travel app can help businesses earn a lot of money through the app therefore it’s a smart idea to include it in your travel app business plan. Let’s have a look at how big travel companies monetize their apps. 

Advertising model. Advertising is one of the most popular and common ways of monetizing your travel app. In your travel app you can advertise relevant services such as airlines, tour operators, hotels and more. 

Premium features. The app itself would be free. However, in order to use the premium features, the users will need to pay some amount. 

Paid download. Your users will be required to pay an amount after downloading your app. 

Subscription. To use the app users will be required to pay money on a monthly basis. 

Commission from booking. Affiliate commissions are also a smart way to earn money through your travel app. Since the users will be booking tickets, hotels etc. through your app you can charge a commission for the bookings and purchases. 


Ultimately the travel app development cost depends on the features you plan to include in your app and the type of travel app you want to be built. If you are looking for a reliable travel app development company then get in touch with InvoZone today to get your travel app developed at the best price. 

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