Gmail Will Now Offer Voice and Video Calling Facility


Gmail is one of the most popular platforms used by millions of people throughout the world. This is one email service by Google we use almost every day for our personal as well as official use. You will find every second person on the internet falling back on this platform. There are many reasons for its huge popularity among users but the most prominent is the ease and convenience. So, when you send a mail, or a document through Gmail, you know it will be delivered.

We are living in very competitive times, and we cannot take popularity for granted. So, if a particular platform has a lot of users, it cannot afford to go into the comfort zone. If this email service from Google is the number one platform in its field, it is because of its excellent feature. Previously, it was yahoo mail that occupied the center stage, but Gmail came and replaced it.

Tomorrow, another exciting mail service may make a debut that will offer better services than Gmail. This is the reason why even popular mediums need to continuously evolve themselves to be at the top of their game. Gmail knows this vital fact, and from time to time, it introduces new features to engage their users. Therefore, the latest addition from Gmail will be its voice and video calling facilities. Techk Times

Video calling is available in Gmail but only through Google Meet

It’s not as if you can’t make a video call on Gmail. You can still video call your contacts through Gmail, but you need to take help from the Google Meet app. However, Google is soon going to bring a new update for Gmail. After this new update is made available to users, they will be able to make voice and video calls through Gmail. Besides, users should expect many innovative features in Gmail.

Google is already working on such an idea. The company is all set to come up with an update on all its apps as part of its larger drive to introduce more workspace features. The new features that Gmail will be offering will be part of this update. Once this new update is available for users, voice and video calling can be done through Gmail, and Google Meet won’t be required. It will be also convenient for users who get all these features on a single app.

We know that that mail service is widely used for business communication, and for sending important documents. It so happens that sometimes during such exchange of emails, some point needs to be clarified through video or voice calling. Previously, users had to shift to other platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp to do this. However, once these features are available on the mailing platform itself, users can opt for it.

This will improve the business communication further as there won’t be any obstacles. By offering such services, Gmail will also become a versatile platform which will likely increase its popularity.

Google is preparing a central hub

Google has always tried to use its apps for providing new and innovative services. It knows that Gmail is a big name that can be further expanded. Google wants to make Gmail more suitable for office use. That is why the company is currently focusing on making Gmail a central hub for all office-related applications. Once this is done, everything from sending / receiving mails, personal and group chats, video conferencing, and even video and voice calling will also be available on Gmail. This will allow users to fulfill all their work on the Gmail itself and there will be no need for them to go anywhere else.

It will also offer additional features

Besides providing voice calls and video calls through Gmail, new innovative features like Google Space and Google Calendar are also being provided on Gmail. This will give Gmail a completely new avatar. Moreover, there will be a new Companion Mode for Google Meet that will let you use the conference room’s audio-visual hardware for virtual meetings. These features will likely boost its user base further because such online meetings have become integral to modern business.

In fact, every channel needs to rediscover itself by adding new features. One of the finest examples is that of Connect app, an Indian social media platform that was only launched a few months back. It was initially launched as a social networking site that offered friendships, professional contacts, and privacy. Later on, dating features and counselling services were added on the platform.

It showed in the way the channel was embraced by users. Today, it is considered as one of the coolest channels because no other social media platform offers as many services under one roof as this channel. Even the big players need to learn a thing or two from this upcoming platform.

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